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Free Pattern Route 62 Weekender Leather Bag by MPRLeatherworks.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are about to make to make a weekender bag that most probably will last the next 100 years.

The size of the Adventure Bag is 500mm (l) X 250mm (h) X 225mm (w).

The tools required for this build are:

a) Printer to print Black & white pdf files onto A4 sized paper.

b) Stanley knife with new blades.

c) Waxed thread 1.2mm and 2 matching harness needles (it does not require sharp points).

d) Copper Rivets – Head size 12 mm – stem length 17mm/

e) Top Grain Leather – 3mm for parts F1 to F9 (body of bag) , parts F10 & F11 (straps) & parts H1 & H2 (handles).

f) Top Grain Leather – 2.4mm for the rest of the parts of the bag).

g) Hole Punches – 1 x 1.8mm, 1 x 3mm & 1 X 4mm. h) Buckles –2 X 19mm.

i) 2 x Copper pipes, each (15mm diameter x 500mm).

j) 4 X end caps for copper pipes, each 10mm(l) X 15mm diameter).

k) ALCOLIN’S Rapid EPOXY – to glue end caps to copper pipes.


route 62 weekender leather bag 002 thumbs

route 62 weekender leather bag 003 thumbs


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