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Due to the constant hacking attempt and user spam, registration and login to the personal account on the site are closed.

Despite all the efforts of Prestashop developers to make this CMS impossible to use, the community still fixes this product.

For example, to actively sell templates, the developers in the standard template shifted the description to the right, which made it impossible not only to insert a video, but even a normal description.

Fortunately, a solution was found: it is necessary in the product.tpl file located in themes \ classic \ templates \ catalog,

idsipt 001 thumbs

insert rows

<div class="row">
<div class="col-md-12">

idsipt 002 thumbs

after the lines

{block name='hook_display_reassurance'}
{hook h='displayReassurance'}

idsipt 003 thumbs

Hedgehog it is clear that the manufacturer could do this operation himself, but does not understand that jokes with consumers are dangerous. For example, for English-speaking users, Phoca Cart on Joomla is now much more interesting.

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