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I recently stopped doing computer case reviews for a number of reasons.

One of the main reasons is that the Russian market is now mostly garbage, not cases - the thickness of the walls barely exceeds the foil from a Coca-Cola can. The second main reason is because of the Chinese one-day cases, they are on the market today, and a maximum of a month later they are no longer on sale.

The quality of modern Chinese enclosures does not stand up to even the slightest criticism, however, there are exceptions about this exception in this article.

When assembling the system unit, I unpacked the box and was about to assemble it, but when removing the glass from the side panel, I was surprised by its pleasant weight. Yes, the glass is made of mineral glass. After being surprised, I decided to take a closer look at this case and, after making sure how well it is made, I decided to make a review of it.

fpoww 000 thumbs

 The case is packed in a standard gray box.

r 420 ccr 002 thumbs

Noteworthy is the weight of the case - it has a decent 6 kilograms, as in the old high-quality Inwin cases, and not 3-4 kilograms, as in modern versions.

r 420 ccr 003 thumbs

The sidewalls have the full specification of the enclosure.

r 420 ccr 004 thumbs

Externally, the case does not draw much attention to itself, but it's all about the little things and the quality of workmanship.

r 420 ccr 005 thumbs

The power supply compartment has a modern lower position.

r 420 ccr 006 thumbs

The top panel has a magnetic attachment made of steel sheet with fine perforation, which allows for good ventilation of the components and at the same time will filter the air from dust well.

r 420 ccr 008 thumbs

It can be easily removed for cleaning. Simple and smart solution.

 r 420 ccr 007 thumbs

The case in the upper part has a larger perforation. It is possible to install 2 fans. The seats are of a universal size, so fans of different sizes can be installed.

r 420 ccr 008 thumbs

r 420 ccr 010 thumbs

The panel with buttons, audio and USB connectors has been moved to the top, which is very convenient.

r 420 ccr 011 thumbs

The front panel has an interesting, non-conspicuous design with slotted perforations for ventilation.

r 420 ccr 012 thumbs

The glass is secured by large, beautiful knurled screws, however the screw is not completely metal.

r 420 ccr 013 thumbs

And now, attention !: The side of the case is made of a durable, real sheet of glass.

r 420 ccr 018 thumbs

The glass is mounted on special rubber inserts that prevent chipping in the glass holes.

r 420 ccr 014 thumbs

4 SSD disks can be installed in the case.

r 420 ccr 015 thumbs

You can install a full-size motherboard in the case, which is important, since at the moment there are few such copus produced.

r 420 ccr 016 thumbs

In addition to the two fans at the top and one at the back, two fans can be installed in the front. The fan mounting holes are also one size fits all.

r 420 ccr 017 thumbs

The elements of the control panel are soldered on a special board that is mounted in the upper front part. Again, this is a smart solution, as it allows you to rewire components that are out of order (for example, USB connectors).

r 420 ccr 019 thumbs

All elements of the case are bent at the edges or seamed, so it is simply unrealistic to cut yourself when assembling a computer. Excellent quality!

r 420 ccr 020 thumbs

The body manufacturer is Dongguan Jian Xin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in Dongguan City, GuaDong Province, PRC.

r 420 ccr 021 thumbs

The case is equipped with a single fan located at the back, it has a backlight.

r 420 ccr 022 thumbs

All cables can be hidden behind a false panel.

r 420 ccr 023 thumbs

Behind the false panel there is also a control board for the illumination of the cooler and something else. Unfortunately, the instructions do not say anything about this.

r 420 ccr 024 thumbs

The body is completed with standard fasteners, only of high quality; I see no point in describing screws and ties.

r 420 ccr 025 thumbs

The set includes a QR card for downloading the instructions for the case. Unfortunately, as I already wrote in the instructions, there is nothing useful.

r 420 ccr 026 thumbs

For large amounts of data, there are two slots for standard 3.5-format hard drives.

r 420 ccr 027 thumbs

There is also a quick-detachable mesh at the bottom of the case to filter the air.

r 420 ccr 028 thumbs

In the compartment for the power supply unit, there are foam rubber noise dampers.

r 420 ccr 029 thumbs

This case can go to a good home server.

r 420 ccr 030 thumbs

Simply beautiful and thoughtful design and execution of the case.

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