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In search of some kind of pod with a cigarette puff, I bought myself a Voopoo Doric Q, which the saleswoman recommended.

This article is intended for people over 18 years of age who want to quit smoking!

This electronic cigarette cost as much as a disposable one, so I decided to take a chance.

voopoo doric q thumbs 001

The electronic cigarette comes in a nice cardboard box that matches the color of the device itself.

voopoo doric q thumbs 002

voopoo doric q thumbs 003

On one side there is a sticker with all the necessary information.

voopoo doric q thumbs 004

On the other side there is a QR code with which you can check the originality of the device.

voopoo doric q thumbs 005

The device is manufactured in China.

voopoo doric q thumbs 006

The delivery set is as simple as possible: a cartridge, the device itself and instructions.

voopoo doric q thumbs 007

The instructions come with pictures.

voopoo doric q thumbs 008

The electronic cigarette comes with a built-in battery with a capacity of 800 mA/hour, which is charged via the USB Type C connector. There is no charging cable included.

voopoo doric q thumbs 009

Voopoo designers continue to delight - it seems like a simple device, but in fact the plastic has several layers: behind the transparent layer there is an opaque one with the inscription Voopoo.

voopoo doric q thumbs 010

The cartridge tray is standard: gold-plated contacts and a protruding microphone tube for the puff sensor.

voopoo doric q thumbs 011

The bottom part has three holes. In principle, you could look at the dimensions of the air intake in a store and understand that there is no talk of any MTL (cigarette puff).

voopoo doric q thumbs 012

The cartridge has a volume of 2 milliliters.

voopoo doric q thumbs 013

The small size of the mouthpiece should not mislead you - the device has the most free draw.

voopoo doric q thumbs 014

Большие отверстия забора жидкости позволяют использовать соотношение 70 на 30.

voopoo doric q thumbs 015

The Voopoo company produces cartridges for this device with a resistance of 0.8 and 1 ohm.

voopoo doric q thumbs 016

Using a cartridge with a resistance of 1 Ohm does not help the situation in any way - it is impossible to achieve MTL.

voopoo doric q thumbs 017

The cartridge has a side refill. The cartridge does not pee, it is always dry, however, if you turn it upside down, the liquid begins to pour out through the mouthpiece.

voopoo doric q thumbs 018

The cartridge is stated to have a capacity of 2 milliliters, but in reality it contains all four milliliters.

voopoo doric q thumbs 019

The device has excellent taste rendition. There is even a TH (throat hit - a blow to the throat). The first time I used it, it was annoying.

voopoo doric q thumbs 020

The electronic cigarette weighs little and fits easily in your fist.

voopoo doric q thumbs 021

Small device; The main task of the developers, as I understand it, was to minimize the price as much as possible. Nevertheless, the device does not cause rejection, it’s a pity there is no cigarette puff and it’s impossible to achieve.

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