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The search for a pod with a cigarette puff continued, but before buying, I looked at the manufacturer’s website about the puff.

This article is intended for people over 18 years of age who want to quit smoking!

On the manufacturer's website it was specifically written that the Vaporesso Eco Nano is an MTL device (a device with a cigarette puff).

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 001

The pods themselves looked beautiful on display. When purchasing, keep in mind that there are versions with a metal body and a plastic one. In this case, black with soft touch coating has a plastic case.

I’ll reveal a spoiler right away: there is no MTL in this device! I was simply furious - what a device with an attempt to find a cigarette puff, which is exactly what they were created for.

After some time, I cooled down a little, but was still dissatisfied due to other reasons.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 002

The Vaporesso Eco Nano comes in a cheap cardboard box with a window.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 003

On the side there is a sticker with a QR code, with which you can check the originality of the delivery. You can also see which version is supplied: plastic or metal.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 004

Unfortunately, the recommendations are covered with a label with Russian text.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 005

The box is as cheap as possible.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 006

The delivery set is as cheap as possible: a lanyard for wearing around the neck; battery pack with cartridge and instructions. There isn't even a second cartridge.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 007

Two types of battery packs are available: in a metal case and in a plastic case. There are a variety of colors, they even come with pictures.

On the front panel there are inscriptions and a battery charge indicator.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 008

There is nothing on the back.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 009

The device is as compact as possible and is slightly larger than a standard Zippo lighter.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 010

The USB Type C connector for charging is located at the bottom. Unfortunately, there is no battery level indicator. That is, the LED is only one color; either it lights up when the battery is charged, or it doesn’t when you need to charge the device, so it’s better to charge it every day.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 011

The cartridge is attached to the battery compartment using magnets. The anti-tightening device is turned on; There is no on/off button.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 012

The Vaporesso Eco Nano cartridge is large - 6 milliliters of liquid. The cartridge has very good taste transfer - it is made using new technology, with a service life twice as long. It is stated that the taste is not lost within 2 - 3 full refills, that is, 12 - 18 milliliters of liquid.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 013

Unfortunately, Vaporesso was unable to catch up with Voopoo with its cartridges on Vthru Pro Eternity Edition in terms of comfort level when vaping - the vapor of Vaporesso Eco Nano is hot.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 014

The Vaporesso Eco Nano cartridge has a mesh evaporator.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 015

Before refilling, you must remove the protective film.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 016

The refill hole is located at the bottom, which is not good, but the cartridge does not leak, everything is dry.

vaporesso eco nano thumbs 017

After refilling the cartridge, you must wait 10 - 15 minutes for the cartridge to become saturated with liquid.

vaporesso eco nano 018 thumbs

There is nothing more to write about - the manufacturer tried to reduce the price of production of the product as much as possible, but in Russia it is comparable to the price of Voopoo Vthru Pro Eternity Edition, which is much higher in level.

They will take the device because it is compact, with a huge tank and excellent taste transfer, so to speak, a killer Smoant Charon Baby.

For me there are two huge disadvantages:

  1. the device is in no way MTL, that is, it does not have a cigarette puff;
  2. The steam that comes out of the evaporator is too hot for me.
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