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Like many manufacturers, the company Zyxel "scored" to support some of its products. So the Zyxel P-630S EE modem did not develop drivers for Windows 7. Fortunately, there are drivers for Windows Vista on the official site.

To install the driver, do the following:

  • Do not connect the modem until the program requests it itself;
  • download driver;
  • if you tried to install a driver from a disk or from numerous sites with buggy drivers, then you need to remove them. If they are not deleted, it is necessary to roll back the system at the time when you tried to install the driver;
  • run the downloaded driver with the right mouse button as an administrator;
  • the system twice scolds that the driver is not signed with a certificate - a red window will come out. Choose "Install driver anyway";
  • the installer starts. Choose either the preset settings from the list or drive in manually;
  • the installation program will ask you to connect a modem, we connect;
  • after installing the program, icons will appear in the tray and on the desktop;
  • Run the icon from the desktop. We drive in the login and password, put the checkboxes "Save password" and "For all users of the computer" and establish the connection.

That's all.


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