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Before you express your indignation at me that I posted your pattern, file an industrial patent for your pattern. Almost all patterns have a commonly used solution or are shamelessly copied from normal manufacturers.

Bali Bag Template from MPR Leatherworks.

The Bali Bag is a very handy big little leather bag, suitable for so many uses. The absolute bonus is certainly the looks, so ready yourself to talk to many strangers enquiring about it on the way!

Depending on the type of leather that you use, the bag can be coloured to suit the latest trends. This bag was manufactured with Veg Side 2.0/2.4mm natural cow hide. The end result dimensions of the bag is about 250mm (l) x 165mm (w) x 180mm (h)(including the handle).

The time from start to completion of this project will be +- 12 to 16 hours (Advanced Level).

You will need approximately 28 dm2 or 3 square feet of leather 2.4mm thickness (suggested) & 3mm real leather thong cord string.

Tools required for this build

1. Printer to print Black & white pdf files onto A4 sized paper;

2. Oblong punches – 1 x (5mmx25mm) & 1 x (4mmx18mm);

3. Stanley knife with new blades (something similar);

4. Hole punches – 1 x 2mm & 1 x 3.5mm sizes;

5. Half round punches – 1 x 40mm, 1 x 35mm, 1 x 30mm & 1 x 18mm;

6. V-shaped punch – 1 x 15mm;

7. Waxed thread 1.2mm & 2 x matching needles;

8. Thonging needles – 2;

9. Buckles – 2 x 20mm;

10. D-rings – 2 x 25mm;

11. Tubular rivets – 4 x 6mm.

c4 balibagfullpatternpack 000 thumbs

c4 balibagfullpatternpack 001 thumbs

c4 balibagfullpatternpack 002 thumbs


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