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Free Template Belt Bag V1 by SD Leather.

The following materials were used in the process of work:

Leather: ShSK (Yuft) uncoated (black color) - 2 - 2.2 mm

Threads: Amy Roke polyester - 0.65 mm (twisted)

Button: "Alpha" - 15 mm

Zipper: water repellent - 18 cm

Adhesive tape: double-sided - 9 mm

Punches: Lowercase "nails" polished steel - 5 mm

Torzbil: "Slim" - 0.8 and 1.2 mm

Creaser marker: 1.5 mm

Edge Finisher: Tokonole

Finisher: Appretto Mild (medium gloss)


belt bag v1 002 thumbs

belt bag v1 003 thumbs

belt bag v1 004 thumbs


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