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Before you express your indignation at me that I posted your pattern, file an industrial patent for your pattern. Almost all patterns have a commonly used solution or are shamelessly copied from normal manufacturers.

Free Tequila bag pattern from Karlova design.

The bag is simple but stylish, fun and elegant. Pretty simple project that won't take long (I spent more time sanding and polishing than stitching - it actually only has three stitches). You will also need minimal equipment.

Size: Approx. 12 1/4" x 10 3/4" x 2".

Materials: I used 8-9 oz leather for the back panel and straps (can be thicker if you want). The important part is that this leather should look good on the inside after buffing. Try grinding the pulp on a small piece and see if you like it. For gusset and faceplate - 4-6 oz, firmer. For a flap - again, something thick and hard, like 8-9 ounces. Thinner and softer leather will not work here. Closing the bag, you will press the valve to fasten the button, and the skin should help.

The pattern is designed for hand embroidery. Comes with written instructions and lots of photos. The pattern has sewing holes marked for 5 SPI stitches (5 stitches per inch or approximately 5.2 mm). 5mm metric punches sometimes fit, sometimes not (depending on manufacturer). If you have 5mm punches and the spacing seems too big for them, you can print the pattern at 96.2%. I suggest printing one page and trying out your punches to see how they fit before printing the whole pattern.

Formats: A4 and USLetter.


handbag tequila karlova design 001 thumbs

handbag tequila karlova design 002 thumbs

handbag tequila karlova design 003 thumbs

handbag tequila karlova design 004 thumbs

handbag tequila karlova design 005 thumbs

handbag tequila karlova design 006 thumbs


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