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Before you express your indignation at me that I posted your pattern, file an industrial patent for your pattern. Almost all patterns have a commonly used solution or are shamelessly copied from normal manufacturers.

Free pattern Sheath twist for knives from VasileandPavel.


The part where the knives are kept 24/17” (60 / 44 cm).


Exterior and lid: 5.5 square meters ft (0.5 sqm) of 5 oz (2mm) leather.

Interior: 5 sq. ft (0.4 sqm) of 4 oz (1.4-1.6 mm) leather.

Belts, stripes, handle

Some scraps and a 43/1” (2.5/110 cm) long piece of leather 7-8 ounces (2.8-3.2 mm) for the shoulder strap. First, it is advisable to cut long pieces.


Tough leather 2.5 oz (1 mm) thick.

1mm waxed polyester thread for 1.5mm holes.

Edge paint.


cutter, needles, 1-1.5 mm punch, hammer, paper masking tape.


2 buckles x 1.2" (30mm)

1 x 1 inch (25 mm) buckle

2 X 1” (20 mm) D-Rings

Step 1: print on paper of desired size 1:1 (100%); How to print paper 1:1?

When you print it, check the printer properties to not change the settings according to the page, it should be "none", also you need to set all margins to "0" (if your software has a margins option, do this, if not, just leave it there) then you will get a 1:1 property printout.

Step 2: stick them on heavy craft paper.

Step 3: cut the paper and do it!


sheath twist for knives 002 thumbs

Download A4

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