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When installing femtasos, the NEC FPA16241T-02EU encountered the fact that there was no instruction for this model: it was not in the box or found on the Internet. This is probably due to the fact that setting up this device is not required if you have DHCP, for example, on a router connected directly to the Internet, however, if you have a proxy server, the setting is not so intuitive, therefore I will briefly describe this device.

It should be immediately clarified that this is not an official guide, but derived from personal observation.

ABGTFNFPA16241T 02EU 001

This model of femtosot resembles a flying saucer from science fiction films and has a size with a full-size bowl for soup.

ABGTFNFPA16241T 02EU 002

Below the femtasot is covered with perforations, for good cooling. There are also rubber feet, mounting slots and a sticker with a MAC address. It is at this MAC address that you must find the IP address issued by the device on the DHCP server and provide Internet access on the proxy server (gateway).

ABGTFNFPA16241T 02EU 003

Behind the femtosot contains: connector for SIM card, covered with a plug, power connector and ethernet connector to connect to the network. Service SIM card can not be installed, it serves for authentication and is not connected to the radio network and is not registered in the phone. The SIM card is installed by the operator. Do not remove the SIM card otherwise the service will fail. If you restore the device to factory settings using the RST button, do not reboot the device or unplug it for two minutes. Otherwise, the settings will not be restored.

ABGTFNFPA16241T 02EU 004

Package includes: femtasot itself, power supply, ethernet cable, wall mount and fasteners. Unfortunately, there were no antennas or instructions.

ABGTFNFPA16241T 02EU 005

Power supply NEC femtocells FPA16241T-02EU get 12 Volts at 1.5 amps.

ABGTFNFPA16241T 02EU 006

Purpose of LEDs: 1 constantly shines green - the device operates in normal operating mode; 2 flashes in red with a frequency of 0.5 Hz - the cell is not available; 3 blinking in green with a frequency of 0.5 Hz - cell setting is in progress, steady green is on - the femtasot is configured, the device works in the normal mode of service. Otherwise, the red LED will be lit and this means: the device cannot access the Internet and you need to check the settings on the network.

ABGTFNFPA16241T 02EU 007

Precautions in the operation of femtocells. Unfortunately, this device has similar coverage characteristics as a Wi-Fi router, that is, for a small office. Download the user manual in the Russian language similar to the model you can here. If you have an official instruction or any comments on the description, I will be grateful for your help.

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