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HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Server User's Guide

Indication of hot-plug hard drives








Lit blue

The drive is identified by the host application.


Flashing blue

The disk firmware is being updated or an update is required.


Active Ring

Rotating green

The drive is active


Turned off

The drive is not active


Don't take it off

Saturated white

Do not remove the disc. Deleting a disk will cause damage to one or more of the

logical disks.


Turned off

Removing the drive does not cause damage to the logical disks.


Drive status

Lit green

A drive is a member of one or more logical disks.


Green flashing

The drive performs recovery or RAID migration, strip migration or resizing, logical disk expansion or expansion, or erasure.


Flashing yellow/green

The drive is a member of one or more logical disks and predicts that

the drive will fail.


Flashing yellow

The drive is not configured and predicts that the drive will fail.


Lit yellow

The hard drive is damaged.


Turned off

The drive is not configured by the RAID controller.

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Table of contents


Designation of components

Front Panel Components

Front panel indicators and buttons

Access to the system's built-in display

Indication of the LEDs of the built-in display of the system

Display of combinations of LEDs of the built-in display

Server Back Panel Components HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8

Rear Panel Components

Rear LED panel indicators and buttons

Elements of the server motherboard HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8

Slot definitions in PCI Riser

Elements of the system board

System Maintenance Switch

Функциональность NMI

Slot layout DIMM

Numbering of SAS and SATA devices

Indication of hot-plug hard drives

Basket LEDs PCI райзер

Module indication FBWC (P222, P420, P421)

Hot-swappable fans


Enabling / Shutting down the server

Removing the server from the rack

Protective panel

Access to the back panel

Removing the hot-swap fan frame

Removing the fan for hot replacement

Removing the full-format expansion board

Removing the basket PCI Riser

Installing the PCI Riser basket (PCI Riser)

Fixing the latch of the full-format expansion board

Removing the air deflector


Configuring the HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Server

Optimal environment

Temperature requirements

Power requirements

Warnings on Rack

Scope of delivery

Installing the server in a rack

Installing the operating system

Hardware installation options

Processor and fan options

Memory Options

Hot Plug Disk Options

Controller Parameters

Installing the cache backup write module on flash

Installing the flash-backed write package of capacitors cache

Optical drive option

Hot-swappable backup power supply

48 volt DC power supply option

Variants FlexibleLOM

Expansion Board Options

Option with secondary basket PCI riser

Hard Drive Bucket Options

Variant of the frame with a grille 2U (rack bezel)

HP Trusted Platform Module Options

Laying cables

Software and configuration utilities

Software and configuration utilities

Utilities and functions

The content of the system is up to date

Troubleshooting (Troubleshooting)


Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

Regulatory information

Regulatory information

Electrostatic discharge

Electrostatic discharge

Technical specifications

Environmental characteristics

Power Supply Characteristics

Support and other resources

Support and other resources

HP contact information

Performing repairs by the client

Documentation Feedback

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