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Instructions for use of the safe BTV model NEW 2013 COD 11625

Technical and functional characteristics.

Power supply: 6 volts (4 AA batteries, LR6 or their equivalents).

Code from 3 to 6 digits + # (that is, press # after entering the code).

1 user code, 1 master code and 2 emergency opening keys.

External power supply.

1. Commissioning.

1.1. Initially the safe is open, both master keys are located inside the safe.

1.2. Eliminate any interference that prevents the safe from opening (a rag that presses the door).

1.3. Change the factory user code and master code to your personal one (point 2).

2. How to reprogram codes?

2.1. How to reprogram custom code?

Initially the same user code is set on all safes: 1 2 3 4 #.

2.1.a. Press the button inside the safe (green or red). As soon as the yellow indicator lights up, enter a new user code: 3 to 6 digits and then press #.

For example:

  • green button
  • enter new code 1 0 8 0 8 8 # (new user code + #).

2.1.b. Before closing the safe, check the new code at least 3 times for a trip.

2.2. How to reprogram the master code?

To program a master code, you must:

2.1.a. Open the safe using your personal code.

2.1.b. Enter 0 0.

2.1.c. Press the button inside the safe. As soon as the yellow LED lights up and you hear a double beep, enter a new master code from 3 to 6 digits and press #.

For example:

  • 1 2 3 4 # (personal code)
  • 0 0 (enter 0 0)
  • green button
  • 0 0 0 0 0 0 # (new user code + #).

2.1.d. Check the new code before closing the safe. 


3.1.Enter the factory code (1 2 3 4 #) or your personal code. When you press each digit, the buzzer sounds, and the yellow light comes on. If the code is entered correctly, the green light comes on.

3.2. Turn the knob and open the safe.


To close the safe, close the door, enter the personal code and turn the knob.


Emergency opening key

Included are two keys for emergency opening, which will help open the safe in emergency cases. Open the lock cover, located between the handle and the keyboard, insert the emergency opening key, turn it, then turn the handle and open the door.

Never store emergency opening keys inside the safe. There are no spare keys.

Master code

In case you have forgotten the user code, you can use the master code. If the master code is programmed, you can use it, as well as the personal code.

External power supply

An external power supply will allow you to open the safe if the batteries are exhausted. To do this, connect the external power to the keyboard.


Incorrectly entered code

If the code is entered incorrectly, the indicator flashes in yellow and you hear an error tone.

System lock

If you enter the wrong code three times, the lock is locked for 20 seconds. If you enter the wrong code again 3 times, the lock is locked for 5 minutes.

If the batteries come down

If the batteries run out, then when you open the safe, the red light will turn green. You should replace 4 batteries with new alkaline batteries.

Battery replacement

The battery compartment is located on the inside of the door. Remove the cover and replace the 4 batteries with new ones. To check how they work, enter the code twice before closing the safe.

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