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A brutal wallet for a brutal man!

Bought in Leather_43 Italian, dense leather crazy horse vegetable tanned. The first week I was stupidly crazy about this wonderful smell of leather.

I decided to combine it with Italian snake skin again. I myself did not catch this snake, so I will not say that this is a snake.

Completely handmade. Hand stitch, that is, stitch by stitch by hand, without the use of a sewing machine.

biker wallet with snakeskin 011 thumbs

Hand cut patterns without cutting forms.

The weight only adds to the solidity of this product. Despite some features, the wallet is completely brutal.

The fittings are completely one-piece, cast brass.

Japanese locks #5 from the famous manufacturer YYK.

Weight together with a chain of 50 centimeters is 429 grams.

The height is 195 millimeters.

Width 95 millimeters.

Thickness 45 mm.

End faces gummed with Italian paint.

Alloy concho with natural silver and gold plating.

Over time, the skin will be covered with a beautiful patina.

The wallet fits: 6 plastic cards, a passport, there are compartments for banknotes and small change.

The warranty period is 5 years.

Free shipping.

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