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On some servers, an error occurs when archiving gj data using Windows Backup System 0x8078011E.

The entire error text looks like this:

"The backup operation started at '2020 - 04 - 20T11: 06: 04.405816800Z' failed with the following error code '0x8078011E' (Windows Backup failed to obtain an exclusive lock on the EFI system partition ( This may occur if another application is using files in ESP. Try the operation again.) Check the event details for a solution and run the backup again after solving the problem.".

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In this case, the reason was the Eset file security antivirus.

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For normal archiving, you need to make exclusions from file scanning:

\ Device \ HarddiskVolume? \ EFI\Microsoft \ Boot\BCD


\ Device \ HarddiskVolume? \ EFI\Microsoft \ Boot\BCD.LOG

It is also recommended to exclude from the scan:

\ Device \ HarddiskVolume? \ EFI \ Microsoft \ Boot \ BCD


\ Device \ HarddiskVolume? \ EFI \ Microsoft \ Boot \ BCD.LOG

but in this case it was not required.

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The archiving is going fine.

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