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Unfortunately, to reduce the cost of manufacturing, shoe manufacturers take measures that reduce the performance properties of shoes to 0.

In principle, these shoes look good, it is convenient to wear, the foot does not sweat in them.

e t s t i t g s 001 thumbs

You can't even see the manufacturing defects until you revile them.

e t s t i t g s 002 thumbs

However. even after the first wear, the defects begin to come out.

e t s t i t g s 003 thumbs

A hole is visible, at the edge of which the skin begins to tear.

e t s t i t g s 004 thumbs

And on the second shoe there is no such gap.

e t s t i t g s 005 thumbs

This is due to the fact that the shoes do not have a valve and the tongue is simply attached to the soft suede, which is torn.

e t s t i t g s 006 thumbs

This problem is fixed with just one stitch.

e t s t i t g s 007 thumbs

What prevented the manufacturer from doing this remains a mystery.

It is impossible to exclude the possibility that some other problem will not come out with these shoes.

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