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I am writing this article, because despite the fact that the boom in netbooks has declined (in my opinion), small light cars remain in demand. When choosing a small laptop called a netbook, you should consider the features of this device.

The first netbook I managed to turn in my hands was the legendary Asus Eee PC 701, which immediately revealed childhood diseases:

  • Non-standard, small screen resolution, on which it was very inconvenient to edit documents and surf the Internet, for which it was actually created. I constantly had to scroll through a document or explorer window.
  • Small amount of memory. After installing all the updates, there was a catastrophic lack of memory on the system drive. Even the necessary programs that were not installed on the system drive quickly clogged the flash drive.

However, the idea of having in your portfolio a small, not bulky laptop, for quick editing of documents and browsing the Internet has stuck in the brain. Moreover, at that time there were no monster communicators such as HTC HD2. And on New Year's Eve, the soul could not stand it, and I bought myself for a little more than 12 thousand rubles Lenovo IdeaPad S9.

lenovo ideapad s9 01

I did not choose for a long time, because of the entire series of netbooks, this was the only one with a more or less normal screen size and a normal 2.5 hard drive.

Specifications Lenovo IdeaPad S9

Preinstalled operating system: Windows XP Home;

CPU: Intel Atom 1600 MHz;

RAM: 1024 Мб DDR2 667 MHz;

Display: 8.9", 1024x600;

Video: Intel GMA 950;

Drives: 160 Гб HDD;

Optical Drive: None;

Wireless connection: Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g;

LAN card: 10/100;

Main connectors: 2 USB, VGA, LAN;

Support flash-карт: MMC, SD, MS, MS PRO;

Webcam: is;

Sizes, mm: 250 x 183 x 27.5;

Weight, kg: 1,2.

Immediately with the netbook, I bought an additional line of memory for 1 GB, fortunately there was another additional connector, and inserting the memory was not difficult because of a cover specially designed for this. So now he carries on board as much as 2 GB of RAM. By the way, in the same way you can add a Bluetooth module if you write it from E-bay. Build quality at a high level: no backlash, annoying slots or rocking keys - we have a reliable tool. This netbook has a good screen. High-quality matrix, not too much blinded in bright sunlight, good viewing angle.

lenovo ideapad s9 02

Here, it is probably appropriate to note the disadvantages as well. Maybe they will seem to some people a trifle (and in the store I didn’t even notice at all), but with everyday use they cause inconvenience:

  • The main drawback noted by all owners of this device is the nasty, high-frequency noise of a small netbook processor cooling fan. What only the craftsmen did not try to do with it. As far as I know, neither firmware, nor mechanical sophistication led to anything.
  • Wrong keyboard layout when you try to press Ctrl and you get to Fn.
  • USB ports are located on opposite sides of the laptop. That is, if you need to connect an external hard drive, you will have to redo the USB cable, because power supply from one port for modern portable hard drives is not enough, and the cable supplied with the disk is not enough in length.
  • The card does not “sink” into the card reader, but protrudes slightly less than half.
  • Strong body heat, unlike the MSI Wind U100.
  • Weak standard battery. It grabs her for 2.5 - 3 hours.
  • The netbook looks quite attractive. Not to say that stylish, but nothing like that.

lenovo ideapad s9 03

Typically, Lenovo laptops are equipped with a system restore button to the factory state or to a backup made by the user. This property has both its pros and cons. The pluses are obvious, but the minus is that you can’t play with Linux distributions - you can accidentally demolish the recovery section. Upgrading the operating system to Windows 7 runs fine, by the way, when Windows 7 is on the netbook, it works quieter and subjectively better.

lenovo ideapad s9 04

In general, a pretty good car when there is a need for mobile work, and carrying a full-sized laptop is not possible and desire.

lenovo ideapad s9 05

A little later, I managed to turn the white MSI Wind U100 in my hands, which came out a little later.

lenovo ideapad s9 06

This netbook model is similar to the model from Lenovo, but the screen is even slightly larger - 10 inches. However, the speed of the MSI Wind U100 was much lower, which was visible with the naked eye, although it was practically not warmed up. In general, the model from MSI is also not bad, though only for the female half of humanity, unlike the brutal Lenovo S9.

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