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Thanks for understanding!

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To connect to the Exchange proxy server in Microsoft outlook, you need to enter additional data.

So it was before.

I was very surprised when I had to face exchange again and the Other settings button, I didn’t find it when creating a connection in outlook 2021.

Decided to check other versions of outlook. I did not find this button either in 2016, 2019 and 2021.

It took a long time to answer this. And it was elementary.

It turns out that there are no connection options in Outlook 2016 - Outlook 2021 and this is because Outlook does not provide any way to set up a connection to Exchange Server other than automatic discovery. If Autodiscover entries are not published, the administrator will need to publish them so that Outlook can find the account.

Even if autodiscover is published, but incorrectly, the connection will still give an error.

This is what it means to not be interested in corporate Microsoft products for a long time 😀

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