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Finally, human thought has moved further than dust bags in vacuum cleaners. Moreover, the prices have become more or less democratic.

One of the representatives of vacuum cleaners with a water filter, in this review, is Samsung Aquatic SD9420.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 001

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 002

The vacuum cleaner is packed in a colorful box,

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 003

which has all the necessary information and even shows the principle of operation of the water filter.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 004

The box has slots for carrying, which many manufacturers forget about.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 005

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 006

The assembly of the vacuum cleaner is Korean, which pleases.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 007

But the hoses of the accessories are just lying around in the box, which is quite strange. Perhaps there was something for normal transportation, but the store just threw out, as well as the left tab of pressed cardboard.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 008

At the very top there is an instruction manual right away.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 009

The vacuum cleaner itself is neatly packed in a soft bag.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 010

The design of the sliding tube is interesting. In this model there is no electronic adjustment on the tube handle.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 011

The nozzle for cleaning furniture is of high quality - it does not scratch and cleans well.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 012

This nozzle has three functions at once:

  • Furniture cleaning;
  • Cleaning the pile;

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 013

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 014

And a tube is inserted into it, for cleaning hard-to-reach places.This package includes a brush for cleaning the carpets in two positions.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 015

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 016

There is no turbo brush included.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 017

There is also a brush for cleaning the container with water.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 018

There is a warranty card at the bottom.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 019

The vacuum cleaner has a rather large size. Not so huge, but for the purchase, let's say, the size of the hostel will scare away.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 020

There is an advertising card that this vacuum cleaner is recommended for allergy sufferers.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 021

Photos cannot convey the beauty of a vacuum cleaner.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 022

At the back there is a place for inserting the tube and storing it.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 023

The power cord is wound smoothly, but persistently. Does not tear the cord like many vacuum cleaners.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 024

The cord is wound by pressing the carrying handle.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 025

In terms of the number of Korean stickers, they are probably record holders, and this is good, since the necessary information is always in front of our eyes.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 026

It's a strange thing, but I didn't understand how the power of this vacuum cleaner changes. The instructions say that you need to press the power button, and then press it the required number of times to change the power. But as much as I have not tried: the vacuum cleaner turns on at the first press, it turns off again. In principle, even if it does not have a power adjustment, it is not critical, since the power that is available is quite sufficient, and it can be reduced by opening the hole on the telescopic tube.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 027

The cord winding button, which is pressed by the carrying handle, is simple and ingenious.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 028

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 029

The hose is inserted into the neck of the vacuum cleaner and removed gently, without any problems. To remove it, it is necessary to press the antennae on the hose attachment.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 030

It is necessary to open the lid only with the hose removed!

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 031

The lid of the vacuum cleaner in this instance closes with difficulty. Probably - it's better than if I was hanging out.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 032

Aquafilter assembly.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 033

There is a handle for unfastening the water tray,

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 034

however, it is better to use the mounting horns on the sides of the filter and fasten the pallet with two hands holding on to the horns so as not to break the handle.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 035

All the necessary actions are on the sticker of the water container.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 036

The aquafilter itself has a tricky design.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 037

It is not recommended to pour water above the risk of MAX!

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 038

If you have collected water above the required level, then there is a lever for adjustment at the bottom.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 039

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 040

The filter itself is easy to clean simply under running water.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 041

When inserting the container, the handle of the dust collector is lowered.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 042

It also needs to be washed periodically, followed by drying.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 043

There are stickers with support service phones on the bottom.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 044

Returning to the above power adjustment - the sticker indicates that you can change the power from 1200 W to 1600 W, this moment is not clearly indicated in the instructions. The real suction power is 200-300 watts, which is enough for all cleaning cases.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 045

The vacuum cleaner is very mobile - it rides easily, which cannot be said about many vacuum cleaners, which are three times lighter and smaller, but clumsy. To replace the fine filter, the green fasteners must be rotated; it must be changed once a year.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 046

When the vacuum cleaner is working, vortices are visible - it excites and is beautiful.

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 047

Samsung Aquatic SD9420 048

The result of cleaning a room without carpets and carpets, which was considered clean and cleaned with a simple vacuum cleaner.

You can't leave dirty water in the aquafilter! It must be drained, and the aquafilter itself must be washed and dried in the shade, otherwise you will get a source of pathogenic bacteria instead of fresh air.

Verdict: extremely cute, functional and high-quality device.

PS Bought a few years later, after writing the article, the same vacuum cleaner was already produced in Vietnam. The quality is disgusting: the elastic bands are thin and swell, the container leaks.

After the repair, the defect was not eliminated, it was sent for repair again.

The container from a vacuum cleaner made in China is also leaking, but the vacuum cleaner is working.

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