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Not having served for half a year, a large piece of ice was formed in the Samsung RL-34 refrigerator.

After searching the Internet for a solution, I did not find anything, except that it is a common phenomenon. We decided to defrost the refrigerator and rinse all the compartments.

frost in the freezer 001

This action helped - the refrigerator works fine.

frost in the freezer 002

The wife associates this phenomenon with the interruption of electricity.


After many years, it turned out that frost in the freezer in refrigerators with No frost is formed when the heating element fails (the heating element). This creates the feeling that the freezer is working, but the refrigeration is not. This affects the Samsung refrigerator. It remains a mystery how TEN, which works less than an hour a day, manages to quickly fail at such a respected company.

A detailed solution is described in this article.

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