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Universal solutions continue to conquer markets. For example, the action camera and smartphones almost crowded out of the market ordinary non-professional cameras.

The same applies to personal care devices - in one device combines the means for shaving the beard, hair on the head, body, nose and ears.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 001

The trimmer is intended mainly for styling the head and face.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 002

The material of the box is disposable, that is, it will be enough for you to bring it home, but it is impossible to use trimmer for storage. Everything will have to be folded into the bag that comes with it.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 003

Made trimmer in Indonesia.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 004

The battery has a nickel-metal hydride trimmer, which means a long battery life, but also the fact that it has a “memory effect”, that is, it is desirable to completely discharge the device and fully charge it.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 005

They come with a trimmer: a warranty card that provides a two-year warranty and documentation, in which there is not even a description of the elementary function - a nozzle change. Neither on the nozzles nor in the documentation there is a description of this elementary action. In Chinese trimmers, removing the nozzle by pushing it aside; in the Philips trimmer, the nozzle is changed by turning the nozzle along the axis and moving away from the body.

Nevertheless, excellent and detailed instructions in various languages are on the manufacturer's website. You can also download it here.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 006

In addition, there is a bag for transporting trimmer on the road. A pouch is equally as good as not. For example, if you put nozzles on it in a trip, then it is likely that all the knives on them will be blunted, and the nozzles themselves will be scratched, as they have no protection.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 007

The power adapter has a beautiful, soft, flexible, high-quality cable. Charging for 10 hours ensures that the device operates for 35 minutes, but the manufacturer states on the box and in the booklet about 60 minutes of work from one charge. This is impossible to verify, as each person has his own shaving style.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 008

Charging for 16 hours ensures the operation of the device for 45 minutes.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 009

The power adapter contains a transformer, therefore it is prohibited to use another power supply unit, even if the output voltage and current match the original one. This fact also indicates the high quality of the adapter.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 010

When charging the trimmer on the power adapter, the LED lights up. It does not carry any functionality, that is, when fully charged, it does not go out and does not change color; it simply indicates the presence of voltage in the mains.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 011

Power adapter connector with proprietary connector. When charging the trimmer you must turn it off.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 012

4 nozzles and 3 ridges are included in the package. After use, rinse combs well.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 013

The trimmer has a waterproof housing, but it is not intended for shaving under water.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 014

The body does not have any rubberized inserts, on the one hand it is good, as rubberized inserts deform over time and come off, on the other hand the trimmer is rather slippery.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 015

Adjusting the length of the hairs left is possible only when the comb is installed.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 016

The case itself and the nozzles are made of high-strength ABS plastic.

Blades of nozzles are sharpened in a special way, which allows to avoid cuts when shaving. They have a self-sharpening design and are made of chrome-brushed, brushed steel. The manufacturer guarantees long knives.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 017

All nozzles have a plastic mechanism and factory lubrication, so do not require additional lubrication.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 018

The trimmer power switch has an unpleasant play.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 019

Comb for trimming hair.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 020

The length of hairs left with a comb for hair can be adjusted from 3 to 20 millimeters.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 021

Strange as it may sound, but eyebrow trimming in my case, it went better with a brush and comb to trim the hair.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 022

Comb for trimming beards.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 023

Comb for trimming beard allows you to shave in two directions, which is convenient for trimming body hair.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 024

Comb for a beard allows you to adjust the length of hairs left from 1 to 18 millimeters.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 025

Eyebrow attachment does not have the ability to control the length of hair left.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 026

This is the only nozzle that I could not shave anything at all, neither eyebrows nor body hair - this is probably due to the fact that the comb at the nozzle has very thick teeth, and the cutting unit itself is very high.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 027

Nozzle for shaving some areas of the face.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 028

The design of the razor head is controversial, but it performs its functions. I did not manage to disassemble it to clean it.

OOHABTMS3000 QG3340 16 029

The nozzle for the nose and ears has real steel knives for cutting hairs, not steel tendrils, like Chinese trimmers, which quickly rust and become unusable.

In general, the trimmer is an excellent quality device, as well as all the products of the legendary manufacturer, but not without some issues, such as an organizer for transportation during travel.

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