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The answer to the question: "Why it is impossible to put on the lining of thick soft leather in small products made of genuine leather."

Sometimes it seems that if you make a small product made of genuine leather, glued together from two layers of leather with a thickness of 1.3 - 1.5 mm, it will look normal, like the leading masters of the leather business.

However, life makes its own adjustments: if you take both soft, thick (compared to the area of the product) pieces of leather, then we will get bumps on the fold. This is due to the fact that the leading masters use very dense leather of English, American or Italian production, and in this case, Russian crust was used, which can not be called loose, but also does not reach normal.

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It is from the above that Russian or Belarusian sellers in photos or videos show the condition of the skin not on the inner bend, but when the front part is bent outwards, so that the looseness of the skin is not visible.

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Here is an example of poor-quality, loose Belarusian leather - when bending inwards, you can immediately see the fragrance.

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