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Before you express your indignation at me that I posted your pattern, file an industrial patent for your pattern. Almost all patterns have a commonly used solution or are shamelessly copied from normal manufacturers.

Free Pattern Leather iPhone 6 Case by Leatart.

Reliably protect the phone from various damages. This type is quite convenient and ideal for the size of phones. Inside the case is soft and carefully takes care of the phone screen. An additional strap allows you to carefully remove the device from the case.

Size: 152x82x10 mm (with smartphone inside).

Were used

Leather: Black Pull-Up 1.2-1.4 mm.

Thread: black braided waxed Galaces 0.8 mm.

Processing the butt and bakhtarmy: PVA glue "Stilsy", slicker, cotton fabric, wax-based finishing.

Gluing parts of the skin: Moment glue.

Punches: pitch 4 mm, margin 3.5 mm.


leather case for iphone 6 leatart 002 thumbs

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