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Before you express your indignation at me that I posted your pattern, file an industrial patent for your pattern. Almost all patterns have a commonly used solution or are shamelessly copied from normal manufacturers.

Floral sketch embossing for wallet from Tandy Leather.

When doing any sort of dyeing and finishing of a piece of tooled leather, make sure that your leather has completely dried.

To produce the color on this wallet, I first dyed the background areas with #2800-03 Medium Brown Waterstain. I used one of the finer brushes from the #3434-01 brush pack. The next step was to dye the center panel area with the #2800-05 Tan Waterstain. For this I used one of the brushes from the #3434-03 brush pack.

Give the dye at least a couple hours to dry before applying the finish. When applying the finish, I used the #3450-00 High Density Sponge. I like these sponges for applying finishes because they apply the finishes evenly and do not leave stray fibers in the finish as can sometimes happen with wool remnants. There are two coats of #2610-01 Super Shene applied over the entire piece of leather. The first coat is heavier and is worked into the leather with a circular motion. The coat is allowed to thoroughly dry (preferably over night), before the second coat is applied. The second coat is very light.

Once again, the finish is allowed to completely dry before the application of an antique. A liberal coat of #2607-07 Briar Brown Gel Antique was then applied over the entire piece. A #3450-00 High Density Sponge was used to apply it and the excess antique was immediately removed with a dry paper towel. This is the dyeing and finishing process that produced the results you see.

floral sketch embossing for wallet 000 thumbs

floral sketch embossing for wallet 001 thumbs

floral sketch embossing for wallet 002 thumbs


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