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Before you express your indignation at me that I posted your pattern, file an industrial patent for your pattern. Almost all patterns have a commonly used solution or are shamelessly copied from normal manufacturers.

Free Template Plain Pleated Leather Clutch by Makesupply Leather.

Suggestions for choosing leather

This template set can be used with different skin weights. I would suggest a range of 3.5 to 5 ounces (1.5 - 2mm).

The kit does not include a template for a clutch strap. The clutch is designed for a belt width of 3/8″ (0.9525 cm). You can change this to suit your needs. The brown clutches have a ~26" (66cm) strap, while the vegetal brown clutch in the video has a ~30" (76cm) strap. I think 30″ is the best number. It wraps around the clutch housing twice and ends at the front as shown in the demo photos.


simple gusset leather clutch template 2 thumbs

simple gusset leather clutch template 3 thumbs

simple gusset leather clutch template 4 thumbs


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