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Free Pattern of Small Folding Wallet "Minimal" from Wild Leather Craft.

Folding wallet "Minimal". The product has four compartments for bank cards and business cards, a compartment for banknotes, fastens with a metal button. The product is suitable for those who like to save space in their pocket, as well as to give a special image and individuality to their owner, to emphasize the owner's exclusive view of quality products from noble, pristine and natural materials.

Product dimensions: 75 * 105 * 15 mm.

Skin thickness: 1.3mm. VINYMO threads, 0.6 mm, pitch 3.85 mm, distance from edge 3 mm.

Runner 1.5mm. Glue "Nairit".

Joint processing: Toconole, Softfil. Polishing: cotton cloth, 1000 grit sandpaper, slicker.


wallet bi fold minimal 02 thumbs

wallet bi fold minimal 03 thumbs

wallet bi fold minimal 04 thumbs


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