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Photos and pictures with animals.

babochka gatekeeper na listyah

Gatekeeper butterfly on leaves.

belka na stvole dereva

Squirrel on a tree trunk.

belye medvedi

White bears.

beringijskij suslik

The Beringian ground squirrel is an inhabitant of the Avachinsky pass in Kamchatka. Author of the photo: Nina Slashilina.

bogomol i babochka

Praying mantis and butterfly.


Macro shot of mating praying mantises.

bozhya korovka

Ladybug. Insect in the morning dew. © Andrew Rutherford.

chernaya vdova

Black Widow. One of the most famous spiders with the main distinguishing feature - a red "hourglass" on the abdomen. © KeystoneUSA-ZUMA.

chernolitsaya sobachka

Black-faced dog. This image of a fish with an unusual name was taken in the Aegean Sea.

ezhiha s ezhatami

Hedgehog with hedgehogs.

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