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Earlier, I already made a note about how the refrigerator compartment stops working in Samsung refrigerators.

That is, the freezer compartment works, but there is no refrigeration. The problem lies in the fact that the heating element ceases to dissolve the frost on the cooling grille.

No fans for drying hair to melt the ice problem is not solved.

The causes of the problem may be several.

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Let's start with the fact that on the back of the refrigerator there is a schematic diagram of the management of the refrigerator.

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One of the causes of failure in heating can be a relay. It is white on the board. With the relay, the voltage goes to the yellow wire.

However, do not rush to buy and change the relay - remove the connector from the pads and measure the resistance between the red and yellow wires. If there is no resistance around 170 - 180 ohms, then the reason lies in the heating element or thermal fuse.

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In order to get to the block with the terminals of the heater and the fuse, you must remove the freezer compartment cover.

fitf as 004

Further we see one more cover on which there is a fan. It is fastened with two screws and snaps. Removing the lid is hard.

fitf as 005

Before you remove the cover, you need to remove the temperature sensor from the seat and move it aside.

fitf as 006

It must be borne in mind that the insulating gasket around the perimeter of the cover will have to be changed.

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To remove the cover it is necessary to remove the connectors of the temperature sensor and the engine.

fitf as 008

Thermal electric heating element has a complex shape. If the reason is covered (which is unlikely) in the heating element, then you need to take into account that the tin tray attached to the heating element will have to be reinstalled on a new heating element, since this pallet does not fit the new heating element.

fitf as 009

To measure the resistance of the heater, it is necessary to disconnect the block with the yellow-black wires and measure, if there is no resistance, then the reason for the violation of the defrosting mode lies in the faulty heater.

fitf as 010

To remove the heater, you must remove the clamps from the expansion tank.

fitf as 011

Gently move aside the antennae of the tube.

fitf as 012

You will also need to purchase foil, at least cooking, for cooking meat in the oven.

fitf as 013

Carefully remove the heater and change it to a new one. Do not forget to fasten the pallet to the new heater.

fitf as 014

However, most likely the reason will not be in a faulty TEN.

fitf as 015

On the side of the radiator we see a thermal fuse. The voltage on the heater goes through it.

fitf as 016

In our case, it was he who failed. It is necessary in order to break the chain, exceeding the temperature of its body above 72 degrees Celsius.

fitf as 017

The pricing of this disposable device in Russia is interesting: for the Samsung DA47-001 device in the assembly, they are asked for from 200 to 1000 rubles. For TEN, incomparable in complexity of manufacturing device asking for the same money.

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