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Red Wing laurels do not give rest to many manufacturers. Many companies are trying to produce shoes that would be a hit of the market for many decades.

Timberland has not turned from this path, especially since it has a rich history and its recognizable hits.

Those who are too lazy to read can watch the video.

timberland preston hills 01

The shoes are Packed in a gray, rather sturdy box.

timberland preston hills 02

The box indicates that it is made of recycled materials and is recyclable. It is also indicated that the print is made on the basis of water inks that do not harm the environment.

In General, the company pays much attention to environmental protection. In my opinion, this is good, as long as it does not go beyond the discomfort of consumers.

timberland preston hills 03

The label indicates that the shoes are not intended for professional use.

timberland preston hills 04

The shoes were just piled up, not wrapped.

timberland preston hills 05

Probably, the company prefers to use meter plastic packaging to maintain the environment, but I think that meter packaging is more harmful than traditional paper.

timberland preston hills 06

There's nothing in the box but the shoes themselves.

timberland preston hills 07

Shoes represent a certain mixture of sneakers and classic shoes.

timberland preston hills 08

The outer part of the shoes are made of high-grade leather, subjected to tanning in an institution with a rating of Silver or higher, according to the results of a third-party environmental audit. The skin working group judges and classifies tanneries based on energy use, waste production and water treatment.

timberland preston hills 09

The toe of the Shoe is strong and holds its shape well. Along the perimeter there is a stitched leather Welt, which will allow you to easily change the sole, if necessary, as on the Red Wing shoes.

timberland preston hills 10

Applied leather greased tanning, which does not pass water.

timberland preston hills 11

The backdrop is made of high quality and powerful.

timberland preston hills 12

As a result of the fact that the shoes were poorly Packed or it is the idea of the manufacturer, but the back of the shoes pretty beaten.

timberland preston hills 13

There are also scratches on the skin. On the manufacturer's website buyers also complain of scratches and broken skin. Based on this, we can conclude that it was conceived by the manufacturer, to give a kind of charm to its products. It is worth noting that the residents of Russia do not have to take shabby shoes - just go for a half hour walk around the city to shoes acquired the form of shoes for post-Apocalypse.

timberland preston hills 14

On the right half-pair you can see the wear from the laces.

timberland preston hills 15

On the left half-pair there is no such wear.

timberland preston hills 16

Based on the fact that there are no signs of wear on the sole, it can be concluded that in this case the company also uses secondary raw materials.

timberland preston hills 17

The boots have the SensorFlex ™ comfort system, thanks to a three-layer suspension system that bends with each step, instantly adapts to uneven terrain, ensuring smooth and stable walking.

timberland preston hills 18

The flexible groove with a knife cut in rubber soles provides support and flexibility. This groove is clearly inspired by the motives of Nike sneakers.

timberland preston hills 19

The system does not have such flexibility as in sneakers, but the effect of the applied technology, of course, is - the foot as if pushed forward.

timberland preston hills 20

Before applying the Shoe there is no doubt that these cuts will become clogged with dirt, however, practice shows that it is not.

timberland preston hills 20 2

Dirt with snow in the cuts is not clogged.

timberland preston hills 20 3

However, in the initial position the system SensorFlex™ is not installed, that is, the slits are not closed and remain open.

timberland preston hills 21

The tongue has the appearance valves to snow or water is not clogged under the tongue.

timberland preston hills 22

Microporous rubber soles has a gain, in the form of rubber plates in the heel part and front. The use of rubber has a very positive impact on the durability and life expectancy of shoes in General.

timberland preston hills 23

The eyelets are hidden and mounted on the inner straps from the colour options.

timberland preston hills 24

Environmental waterproof TimberDry ™ membrane that helps keep feet dry.

timberland preston hills 25

The shaft on the inner side is also made of faux leather. Why it was necessary to take such a step and replace small areas of skin with synthetics is not entirely clear. It's probably a marketing move, like, "here we are supporting the world." The question is: "who will support people who are allergic to synthetics?"

timberland preston hills 26

It was possible to achieve good waterproofness with Crazy horse skin; it is not clear why it was necessary to insert the membrane and make the oil oily.

timberland preston hills 27

Despite the application of the membrane on the greased skin, the feet in these shoes do not sweat much.

timberland preston hills 28

There is no leather heel in the shoes, which is not good - the fabric coating will wear off with time.

timberland preston hills 29

The manufacturer States that the shoes are used leather footbed, however, shows that tightening the leather insole is, it is strata under the synthetic lining.

timberland preston hills 30

In retail you write that the shoes runs small, but it is not.

timberland preston hills 31

With the declared 44 European size, the insole length is 29.5 centimeters, which is much more than the required 28.5 centimeters for 44 EU (43 Russian).

The reason lies in the narrow Shoe pad, they are more suitable for Europeans, but for Russians who have "peasant foot". On this basis, the shoes must be worn.

timberland preston hills 32

Ortholite® comfort foam insoles are used in the shoes to provide moisture transfer, antimicrobial function and long-term cushioning. Ultra-breathable material will not break and will not lose cushioning, keeping the comfort and support of your shoes.

timberland preston hills 33

Despite the fact that the insoles are thin and do not have lateral support, I couldn’t wear shoes at all with them, although my size is. It was necessary to insert thin cellulose ones into them at the time of shoeing.

timberland preston hills 34

Despite all the stunning declared functions, insoles are consumable and must be changed at least once every 3 months.

timberland preston hills 35

The shoes left a double impression: it seems that the advanced technology in symbiosis with classic shoes is good, but the use of synthetic materials in unjustified places is bad.

But it was always with Timberland.

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