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The glo Hyper Plus tobacco heating system is good for everyone, except for one thing - there is no tobacco taste in the Demi sticks. I still decided to take products from Philip Morris, that is, iQOS.

Service at original points of sale is, of course, at the highest level: both an individual approach and SMS to the phone offering support, etc.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 001

Yes, just take the fact that you receive the goods in a high-quality paper bag - a trifle, but nice.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 002

That means high quality when selling - the box is not broken or dented.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 003

Confused only by the film - it looks like a Chinese or Russian assembly.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 004

iqos 2 4 thumbs 005

The device is probably assembled in boxes in Russia, as you can see from the sticker on the box.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 006

The manufacture of the box is beyond praise - now even the iPhone smartphone is not designed like that.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 007

The box is sturdy with a beautiful embossed surface.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 008

The thickness of the box is simply amazing.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 009

The charger and holder are in the tray. Premium quality is visible in everything.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 010

Below the charger tray with a holder is a daddy with instructions and a warranty card.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 019

The instruction is detailed and with pictures, but it is illogical - it was easier to write: "charge the charger first", and not "turn on", since the device is usually discharged and the user is trying to turn it on.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 011

Below the instructions with the warranty card are: a brush for cleaning the holder, a high-quality power supply and a high-quality cable for charging.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 012

The power supply is of high quality: the input voltage is universal from 100 Volts to 240, the input current is 0.3 Ampere; output voltage 5 volts, output current 2 amperes.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 013

The charging cable is of high quality, long and pleasant to the touch.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 014

The charging time is 120 minutes.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 027 

Unfortunately, the charger has an outdated microUSB connector, not Type-C. On the other hand, this has its advantages. I remember: it was necessary to replace the broken miniUSB cable for an external hard drive, so it turned out that miniUSB cables suddenly disappeared from sale and I had to assemble the cable myself.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 015

Includes a brush for cleaning the device.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 016

The brush is made in China.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 017

As a cleaning device, the brush is nothing - it is better to clean it with cotton swabs. I use a spray to clean the optical surfaces - then the dirt accumulates less.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 018

It is not clear why there is a black plastic insert with holes on the cap.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 020

The stick holder has one button on which the ready indicator is located. The indicator is not visible in the bright sun, and there is no vibration when the holder is ready, unlike Ploom and glo. This is very inconvenient - you have to intuitively start smoking.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 021

At the bottom of the holder are gold-plated contact pads for charging the holder.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 022

Charging the holder in the iQOS 2.4 version is enough for one smoking, which, in principle, is not a problem - you have to keep yourself in hand and not smoke one after another. In the iQOS 3 DUO version, you can smoke two sticks in a row. The holder in the iQOS 2.4 version charges in approximately four minutes and ten seconds.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 023

The tobacco is heated by heating a ceramic tip, on which a heating element is sprayed. The ceramic tip is very fragile and you need to be very careful not to break it.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 024

The holder must be cleaned daily or after smoking 20 sticks. Unlike glo and Ploom, iQOS, if not cleaned in time, stops working and starts to stink.

It is also necessary to clean the cover with technological holes. To do this, remove the cover by gently lifting the cover until it comes off.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 025

It is only necessary to remove the used stick by lifting the cap upward.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 026

The iQOS 2.4 device is made in Malaysia, which is good.

The charger and holder in black are covered with a soft-touch polymer.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 028

On the right side there are: a button for opening the lid, a holder charging indicator, a charger charging indicator, a bluetooth button and an on / off button.

Unfortunately, applications for iQOS are not available in the Russian Google Play market. Accordingly, the possibility of using many functions is lost, for example, flashing the device to a new version.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 029

There are vents on the bottom of the charger.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 030

There is a spring on the cover of the charger to hold down the holder during charging. Sometimes the holder does not fit well on the contacts when closing the lid, and the charging indicator glows red. It is necessary to remove the holder and reinsert it into the seat and close the cover.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 031

At the bottom of the footprint there are gold plated footprint contacts. If the charging error persists, they must be cleaned.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 032

iQOS 2.4 and iQOS 3 DUO are significantly larger than glo Hyper + and Ploom.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 033

Glo has the largest stack of sticks.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 034

Glo Hyper + has the largest sticks. The smallest are at iQOS. This is the main disadvantage of iQOS - you can fully take 3 puffs, while the glo stick can be smoked like a simple cigarette - the taste and vapor will be uniform from the beginning of smoking to the end.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 035

IQOS has the ability to trade-in, but I doubt that I will, as the iQOS device has its own charm compared to the newer iQOS 3 DUO. This cover, reminiscent of a Zippo lighter, is a nice soft, the Malaysian assembly conquers, in contrast to the glossy Chinese iQOS 3 DUO, reminiscent of a clothespin.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 036

As I already wrote, iQOS has a short smoking time, then actually three puffs, and then you draw in air.

What are the benefits of iQOS? The most important advantage that overcomes the shortcomings is the natural noble tobacco taste, which no tobacco heating device will give you!

Also, the steam suction force is as close as possible to cigarettes.

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