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Which tobacco heating system to buy? Or an article about what the paid reviewers won't tell you about.

First, I'll tell you how I switched to the tobacco heating system.

First I saw a colleague's tobacco heating system. I did not attach much importance to this. The impetus for the replacement of cigarettes with tobacco heating systems was the very poor quality of tobacco. Young people probably do not know what real cigarettes should be and, apart from dung with sawdust in their cartridges, they saw nothing, but I, as a smoker with great experience, had the pleasure of smoking real American cigarettes.

I realized that something needed to be changed. I first bought an electronic vaporizer. When leaving the store, I immediately tried to smoke. I liked the taste and I bought two bottles of liquid at once.

The joy did not last long - a strong cough began when smoking the vaporizer. After that I switched back to cigarettes.

When buying another pack of cigarettes, I drew attention to the boxes with iQOS, but when asked about iQOS, the nimble saleswoman offered a set Ploom, which was favorable for the price: there were 4 packs of sticks in the set. The set itself cost $ 11.22, that is, the device itself cost 200 rubles, while the cost of a pack of sticks was $ 2.10.


However, as you know, free cheese is only in a mousetrap - after charging the device and trying to smoke, a terrible cough occurred. The hot steam burned his lungs, throat and lips. The taste of the sticks ranged from bad to very bad: blue - there is no taste - just chemistry hits the head; green pack - infernal menthol concentrate; more or less you can smoke only lilac and then with a terrible amount of menthol and chemistry; yellow and brown packs - an attempt to make tobacco taste without menthol, except for a cough does not cause any taste sensations. In general, that Winston cigarettes are now rare shit and sticks with the device.

After an unsuccessful attempt, I decided to sit down on the forums and Youtube and delve deeper into the topic.

After some study and after seeing enough videos of how powerful and terrible iQOS I decided to buy glo Hyper+ as the latest tobacco heating system from British American Tobacco. Moreover, there was a special offer in Red and White: there was glo Hyper + in a limited set for $ 8.41. That is, the device was free of charge. That could not but rejoice.

glo hyper plus thumbs 002

The glo HYPER + tobacco heating system is good for everyone: it smokes normally until the last second, and steam puffs like cigarettes and is unpretentious, etc. Moreover, the sticks are my favorite KENT.

However, glo has a significant drawback: due to the induction heating technology of the tube where the stick is inserted, there is no tobacco taste. There is a cooler taste, a normal amount of nicotine, but there is no tobacco taste.

Next, I wanted to take lil Solid from Philip Morris, but due to the terrible scarcity in the hinterland of the latest model, namely 2.0, I could not buy it.

After this I. for sample, purchased iQOS 2.4. There was no sense in taking the last, expensive version, so I decided to take the previous one, especially since I like it better in appearance and execution.

iqos 2 4 thumbs 009

Still, a miracle happened. IQOS has the taste of tobacco!

The question is, where is the logic of the store seller Red and White, which gave me Ploom, and did not immediately offer iQOS, which is 6! times more expensive? The store would have received more revenue.

IQOS, however, has a significant drawback - you can only make three puffs from one stick, then you will only inhale air.

I have provided links to reviews, now the pros and cons of each tobacco heating system.

Ploom S


  1. The ideal marketing presentation at the moment: website design, documentation and device price.
  2. Convenient cover with which you can immediately turn off the device. That is, they urgently need to move: throw out the stick, close the lid, put the device in your pocket. Everything.
  3. Excellent indication and vibration notifications.
  4. Convenient body shape.
  5. Easy to maintain.
  6. Good equipment.
  7. Modern USB Type-C connector.
  8. Easy to use.


  1. Tasteless bad sticks, especially from 2021 onwards. This covers all the advantages of the device.
  2. Expensive sticks compared to other manufacturers.
  3. No tobacco taste, only chemistry.
  4. The quality of the sticks depends on the release date - the older the better.


Personally, I cannot use Ploom, but it has a place to be, for non-heavy smokers who do not care what smoking.

glo HYPER+


  1. Device price.
  2. Stick price.
  3. Nice sticks that can be smoked like regular cigarettes for the entire session.
  4. Good vibration notifications.
  5. Nice body.
  6. Easy to maintain.
  7. Modern USB Type-C connector.
  8. Easy to use.


  1. Bad indication.
  2. Bad equipment.
  3. No tobacco flavor, but not bad sticks.


An excellent device for those who get off strong cigarettes.

IQOS 2.4


  1. The price of the device compared to the iQOS 3 DUO.
  2. Excellent quality sticks that taste like tobacco.
  3. Nice body.
  4. Good equipment.


  1. Very short smoking time - literally 3 puffs.
  2. Poor sun indication.
  3. Stick price.
  4. Bad vibration notifications.
  5. Difficult to maintain.
  6. Устаревший разъем MicroUSB.
  7. Difficult to use.
  8. The quality of the sticks depends on the release date - the newer the better.


An excellent device for those who have not yet completely smoked their taste buds and prefer the exquisite taste of natural cigarettes.

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