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Everyone is happy with the IQOS 2.4 tobacco heating system, except for one thing - there is no notification of the holder's readiness to smoke. I still decided to upgrade to the trade-in version of iQOS 3 DUOS.

Since there will be, basically, a comparison of iQOS 2.4 and iQOS 3 DUOS, then for understanding the topic IQOS 2.4 Tobacco Heating System Overview you can see here.

The trade-in at the original point of sale went smoothly - you hand over the old device and get a new one.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 000

However, it should be borne in mind that for example, in Ukraine, the old device can not be handed over and, given that the previous version is better in quality and design, it is very good. Can be used as a second device while charging the main one. You can also trade-in online.


As is customary at Philip Morris points of sale, you get the goods in a high-quality paper bag - a trifle, but nice.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 002

I could not open the sticker with step-by-step instructions - two sheets of paper are glued to each other tightly. I didn't need it, so I didn't pay attention to it, however, after a while, I understand that the quality of iQOS 3 DUOS began with this sticker - everything will not be quite as expected.


The film is soldered perfectly and you can only sin on the crooked hands of the manufacturer.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 004

iqos 3 duos thumbs 005

iqos 3 duos thumbs 006

iqos 3 duos thumbs 007

The design of the box has changed.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 008

However, the design of the box has become simpler in comparison with iQOS 2.4 Plus - there is no embossing, a look like rice paper, etc., but the design of the box itself has become more interesting.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 010

The color of the cardboard cap indicates the color of the device.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 009

Like iQOS 2.4, the device is manufactured in Malaysia.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 011

Strange, somehow I don't feel any urge to urinate, which happens when Vilsacom opens the iPhone box.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 012

The lid of the box is attached with magnets.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 013

The presence of NFC is stated, but there is no mobile application in Google Play for Russia, which is not good.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 014

As in the previous version, there are: Safety instructions, Warranty card and Instructions for quick launch of iQOS 3 DUOS.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 015

When replacing, the choice was from: White, Black, Blue and Gold. White and black are nothing, so the choice fell on gold, but blue is also not bad.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 016

The kit includes a cleaning device and cotton swabs for cleaning.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 017

The reduction in price is visible in everything: even on the strap of the cleaning device there is no logo.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 018

It is in this version of iQOS that the cleaning device is very useful, since you have to clean it almost after every smoking, if you are unlucky to buy sticks with a production date older than six months - tobacco is poured constantly.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 019

The box with cotton swabs contains instructions for their use.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 020

Cotton swabs are good, but I get by with hygienic cotton swabs dipped in alcohol.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 021

I am glad that the bundle continues to include a charging and firmware cable and a power supply.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 022

The power supply is of high quality: the input voltage is universal from 100 Volts to 240, the input current is 0.3 Ampere; output voltage of 5 volts, output current of 2 amperes, similar to the power supply unit from iQOS 2.4 Plus.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 023

The connector on the USB A power supply is neither good nor bad - it fits most computer cables.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 024

The charging cable is of high quality, long and pleasant to the touch.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 025

iqos 3 duos thumbs 032

One of the most significant differences is that the charger has a modern Type-C connector, and not microUSB, as in the iQOS 2.4 Plus model.

The power supply has become more convenient to use with all modern devices. This did not affect the charging speed in any way - all the same 120 minutes.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 026

iqos 3 duos thumbs 027

The iQOS 3 DUOS device has a completely different body. In my opinion, the charm was lost, the device became completely utilitarian.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 028

Computer application for iQOS 3 DUOS can be downloaded here, using it, you can flash the device to a new firmware version, and so on.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 029

At the top of the charger are indicators for charging the holder and charger. The LEDs are bright and well visible. The brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted from the application on the computer.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 030

Agree, a charger is like a clothespin or a sperm whale.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 033

At the bottom of the holder are gold-plated contact pads for charging the holder. Unlike version 2.4, the holder in iQOS 3 DUOS can be inserted into the charger with either side vertically, not just one side. The contact pad has become reinforced, and not just contact pads on a piece of PCB.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 034

The stick holder has one button on which there are two ready indicators. You even need to turn on bluetooth through this single button.

The iQOS 3 DUOS version differs from other versions in that you can smoke two sticks in a row.

The holder charging time is 1 minute 50 seconds.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 035

Unlike the iQOS 2.4 Plus version, there is a vibration notification about the holder's readiness for the smoking process, which is very convenient - you don't have to intuitively start smoking, because you don't have to constantly look at the LEDs to wait for readiness.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 036

Despite the fact that the holder can be inserted either side into the charger, the iQOS 3 DUOS holder retains an attavism - a beveled side. When inserted with the beveled side into the back, the holder button will not rub off.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 037

One of the drawbacks of the new model is that the cap has weak stops and is involuntarily removed from the holder.

iqos 3 duos thumbs 038

Another disadvantage: the blade is much smaller than the slot in the cap and the tobacco remains on the sides of the blade when the cap is lifted. It is necessary to clean the holder almost every time you smoke.

In version 2.4, I did not see this.

As I already wrote, iQOS has a short smoking time, then actually three puffs, and then you draw in air.

What are the benefits of iQOS? The most important advantage that overcomes all the shortcomings is the natural noble tobacco taste, which no tobacco heating device will give you!

Also, the steam suction force is as close as possible to cigarettes.

The device has its advantages and disadvantages compared to the previous version.

In general, if I knew all the shortcomings of iQOS version 3 DUOS, I would not trade-in.

Unpacking the iQOS 3 DUOS Tobacco Heating System

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