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I still decided to buy a lil Solid 2.0 tobacco heating system to check the difference with the iQOS system.

The article is intended for people over 18 years old and who want to quit smoking!

Since there will be, basically, a comparison of lil Solid 2.0 with iQOS 3 DUOS, then for understanding the topic IQOS 3 DUOS Tobacco Heating System Review you can see here.

The purchase at the original point of sale took place without incident - the consultant assured that lil Solid 2.0 is better than iQOS 3 DUOS.


As is customary at Philip Morris points of sale, you get the goods in a high-quality paper bag - a trifle, but nice.

lil solid 2 thumbs 002

The seam on the package is glued crookedly. Fortunately, this does not affect the quality of the content.

lil solid 2 thumbs 003

Despite the fact that lil Solid was developed by the South Korean company KT&G, which took into account many of the problems of competitors, the product is being introduced to the Russian market by IQOS from Philip Morris.

lil solid 2 thumbs 004

On one side there is a slogan for this product.

lil solid 2 thumbs 005

On the other side is the device version.

lil solid 2 thumbs 006

The heating device and the cleaning device are made in Malaysia, the charging cable and the power supply are made in Vietnam, which is good - you can be sure of the quality of workmanship.

lil solid 2 thumbs 007

Interestingly, only the date of manufacture of the charging cable is indicated on the box, but the device is not.

lil solid 2 thumbs 008

The style of the box is similar to the style in IQOS boxes, but it should be borne in mind that everything is somewhat simpler, given that the price tag for lil Solid 2.0 is 3 times lower.

lil solid 2 thumbs 009

Nevertheless. everything is done at a very high level: the box lid is attached with magnets, the box itself is thick and sturdy, and all the accessories are in separate boxes.

The heating device contains instructions for removing the sticks from it. 

What kind of nonsense you will not see in the paid reviews. 

For example, one of the reviewers said that you need to twist the stick clockwise before removing it. 😂 Twist in any direction before removing the stick, it is important that it be at least three times, then the tobacco from the stick, when removed, will not remain in the body.

lil solid 2 thumbs 010

The envelope contains instructions and a memo for the first use.

lil solid 2 thumbs 011

Unlike IQOS devices, which are discharged for sale, lil Solid 2.0 is already charged and can be used immediately after purchase. However, it is better to immediately put it on charge, at the same time it will turn on.

lil solid 2 thumbs 012

The device comes with a long, high-quality charging cable. It's not as good as IQOS, but better than iPhone.

lil solid 2 thumbs 013

Lil Solid 2.0 is charged via a modern USB Type C connector.

lil solid 2 thumbs 014

The power supply is of high quality, analogous to the power supply from IQOS: the input voltage is universal from 100 Volts to 240, the input current is 0.35 Ampere; output voltage 5 Volts, output current 2 Amperes.

lil solid 2 thumbs 015

The connector on the USB A power supply is neither good nor bad - it fits most computer cables.

lil solid 2 thumbs 016

The kit includes a cleaning device for cleaning.

lil solid 2 thumbs 017

Unlike IQOS cleaning devices, the cleaning device for lil Solid 2.0 is double: under one cap there is a scraper, under the other a brush.

lil solid 2 thumbs 018

The scraper is made of plastic.

lil solid 2 thumbs 019

I remembered another nonsense from a paid review: the reviewer said that the scraper should not be washed with water, and alcohol should not be applied to it. This scraper is made of plastic and perfectly tolerates water and alcohol and it is not only possible to wash the scraper, but also necessary, otherwise it will stink and become a source of infection. It cannot be washed with solvents.

lil solid 2 thumbs 020

Also, this paid dumbass said that you cannot clean the heating element with any liquids 😂 It is possible and necessary to clean with alcohol sticks, do not pour alcohol into the device.

I clean lil Solid 2.0 and IQOS 3 DUOS with formic alcohol - it cleans well and cannot corrode plastic. Considering that alcohol sticks clean the chamber and the heating element well, due to the design, it is possible to do without a cleaning device altogether.

In addition, like the IQOS, there is a self-cleaning system that heats the heating element to a high temperature and burns out the remains of dirt and tobacco.

In order to turn on the self-cleaning system in lil Solid 2.0, you do not need a computer - it is enough to press the control button 5 times in a row.

lil solid 2 thumbs 021

The devices were available in two colors: graphite and blue. The graphite color seemed to me a dull gray, and the dark blue is very beautiful.

lil solid 2 thumbs 022

Unlike the lil Solid of the first version, the second has removable glossy panels. This gloss rather spoils the whole look, since after you pick it up, it immediately becomes covered with fingerprints, in other words, it gets smudged and looks untidy. The ends are made of nice rough plastic.

lil solid 2 thumbs 023

At the end there is a control button combined with a multi-colored indication. It is difficult to find the button in the dark - it is made almost flush with the body.

The indication is beautiful: when the battery is sufficiently charged, it glows blue, then blue, orange and, with a critical battery charge, red:

  • Blue color - 60-100% charged;
  • Light blue color - 30-60%;
  • Orange color – 0-30%;
  • Red color - the device needs to be charged.

lil solid 2 thumbs 024

The camera where the stick is inserted is closed with a lid. The cover is comfortable.

lil solid 2 thumbs 025

The hole size allows the use of both FIIT sticks, specially designed for lil Solid devices, and HEETS sticks for IQOS.

My feeling is that the HEETS sticks smoke better, as they are more densely packed with tobacco.

lil solid 2 thumbs 026

At the bottom there is a USB Type C connector. The device charges up to a full charge in 2 hours, like most tobacco heating systems.

lil solid 2 thumbs 027

As it is already clear, structurally lil Solid 2.0 differs from IQOS 3 DUOS - not only is a monoblock used, but also a camera in which a stick of a different design is heated.

A magnetic cap is inserted directly into the camera, which has a slot for easy cleaning.

lil solid 2 thumbs 028

The cap has extremely thin walls, so you need to be very careful when cleaning it.

lil solid 2 thumbs 029

Due to the fact that the plastic tube where the stick is inserted has a cutout for cleaning and supplying air, the taste of lil Solid 2.0 is not as bright as that of IQOS 3 DUOS, but this is compensated by good heating, which produces more steam.

lil solid 2 thumbs 030

The main difference between lil Solid 2.0 and IQOS 3 DUOS is in the heating element: in lil Solid 2.0 it is a metallized metal pin, sharpened on top of IQOS 3 DUOS is a ceramic plate.

In no case should the stick for IQOS be rotated along the axis, otherwise the heating element will break, and for lil Solid 2.0, on the contrary: when inserting, removing the stick on the pin, it must be rotated along the axis.

lil solid 2 thumbs 031

Cleaning lil Solid 2.0 is much more convenient than IQOS 3 DUOS, as the probability of breakage of the heating element and the camera, where it is better seen, is reduced.

Unlike the previous version of lil Solid, in version 2.0 the heating element heats up the whole, and is not a two-zone one. The smoking time was also increased to 5 minutes or 14 puffs, whichever comes first; that is, for optimal use of the stick, puffs must be made at a frequency of 20 seconds.

Version 2.0 allows you to smoke 3 sticks in a row, however, with a full switch to lil Solid, the amount of nicotine required is reduced and there will be no such need - one stick will be enough.

lil solid 2 thumbs 032

lil solid 2 thumbs 033

Removable covers do not carry any functionality - there are no covers on sale for replacement, for example, for another color.

lil solid 2 thumbs 034

lil solid 2 thumbs 035

The dimensions of lil Solid 2.0 are much more compact than the IQOS 3 DUOS charger.

lil solid 2 thumbs 036

This photo clearly shows that iQOS 3 DUOS on the latest firmware warms up the stick much worse than lil Solid 2.0, therefore it has a short smoking time, that is, actually three puffs, and then you draw in air.

Everyone decides which device to choose, but personally I often use lil Solid 2.0, and IQOS 3 DUOS is increasingly unclaimed.

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