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Realizing that I could not achieve the desired quality of sticks in Russia (at least for five puffs), I decided to try vaping.

The article is intended for people over 18 and who want to quit smoking!

I was offered to switch to vape before, back in the days when disposable electronic cigarettes appeared. I didn't want to mess with spirals and fleeces in vaping, and electronic cigarettes did not impress, to put it mildly, at all, so I sat on cigarettes.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 001

Probably the time has come, and shops selling vapes and accessories for them have appeared in our city. First I looked at one store, there were either very small, not inspiring confidence or huge as bricks. In another store, I immediately liked Voopoo DRAG S. There was also a Voopoo DRAG X, but it was larger and it was necessary to buy batteries. Knowing the tricky property of external batteries in Russia, I didn't want to bother with them, so I took Voopoo DRAG S with a built-in battery.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 002

The box is sealed crookedly, which is typical for the Chinese.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 003

The box is not bad. This, of course, is not the level of packages from large tobacco companies, but not bad for the Chinese. Why it says on the box: "This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is addictive" is not clear - there is only an electronic device in the box.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 004

On one side of the box there is a QR code with a technical support URL. There is even a hint of Germany, but this product has nothing to do with Germany.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 005

On the other side of the box are Voopoo social media nicknames: Twitter - voopootech, Facebook - voopootech, Instagram voopootechofficial, Youtube - voopootech.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 006

At the bottom of the box there is: a list of the kit, a warning against the use by children and pregnant women, a hologram of verification for originality and the address of the company, then again a huge warning.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 007

Poured into the box: the device itself, PnP Pod, Pnp for 0.2 and 0.3 Ohm, charging and firmware cable, instructions.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 008

DRAG S is equipped with two PnP coils with resistance 0.2 ohm and 0.3 ohm. Realizing that there is no need to wind anything, but something will still fail, then I bought another 0.2 Ohm PnP evaporator. Then, looking at the prices on the Internet, I realized that I overpaid for PnP in the store 300%, and this is not to mention the device itself.

voopoo drag s review 009

The instruction is as useless as possible; moreover, it is misleading. For example, it says that to change the manual mode to smart, you need to press the large main button 2 times, but in fact 3 times. Smart mode is when the control board in the device itself controls the degree of heating, power, and so on and does not allow the evaporator to burn out (theoretically).

To turn the device on or off, you must press the large button five times within five seconds, that is, quickly five times.

Nevertheless, the site correctly states that you can select the P / P + A / RBA launch modes by pressing the large button three times, that is, you can set the P / P + A mode so that when you tighten the vape itself will automatically turn on, and in A / RBA mode, you will need to press the button while tightening.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 010

Voopoo DRAG S is not only beautiful, it lies pleasantly and comfortably in your hand - this is not some rectangular steam generator that resembles a brick or a huge walkie-talkie from the 90s. The available color palette of the leather insert is simply huge.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 011

The complete USB Type C cable is nothing - an ordinary Chinese cable, it's good that it exists at all. It should be noted that the re-pinned Micro USB connector to USB Type C is used, that is, when flashing, it is necessary to select the position at which there will be normal contact.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 012

On the front panel there are: a large control button, a large screen below it, 2 control buttons and a Type C connector below it.

The screen appears to be scratched right out of the box, but it's a scratched film.

The steam generator adopts the GENE.TT chip, which allows the DRAG S to heat up for 0.001 seconds, and also provides it with intelligent functions such as puff recording, ranking, SMART start mode and other functions.

The display in the DRAG S is color. There are useful functions when displayed: power, which mode is used, the number of puffs to control the evaporator, as well as the start mode. The rest of the indicators are useless. Honestly, I expected more electronic bells and whistles from the Chinese.

SMART mode also ensures that the last set values are remembered. Even if you remove and reinstall the sprayer (tank assembly), it will still remember the last set power and number of puffs.

DRAG S has a METER RATING mode. Depending on the size of the cloud of each suction, you can constantly open a new level from "IRON" to "KING". Personally, I do not see any practical sense in this - it all depends on the size of the lungs and the manner of smoking. I get the King's regime all the time, even if I don't want it.

The power regulation is in 1 watt steps.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 013

A good tactile sensation is provided by leather with a soft backing. The skin is very similar in measure and tactile to a goat, but it may be the product of Chinese technology, not the animal world.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 014

The leather is stitched with a thin thread that will obviously wear out quickly. In principle, I guess where the legs grow from: so one of the surveyors constantly lamented that thick threads directly dig into his arm. It turns out that the sensitivity of the hands in this individual is at the level of the sensitivity of the mucous membranes of the genitals?

voopoo drag s review thumbs 015

For example: my stitching from 0.8 mm thread on the pocket of a woman's bag from the bottom and from the top of the Drag stitch. And I note a thick thread for women does not cut and does not rub.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 016

There are high quality rubber feet on the bottom of the device for stability. Built-in battery for 9, 25 Watt hours at 3.7 Volts. How it can produce 60 watts is unclear.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 017

The design itself, in my opinion, is the maximum that could be created for such a device. The metal buttons are simply incomparable - they are pressed clearly and pleasantly. The assembly is just perfect - there are no gaps, nothing creaks or plays. At the moment, there are very few things left that I like so much in terms of design, materials and build.

I am afraid to even become attached to this model, as I understand that nothing lasts forever, especially regarding any laws in the Russian Federation, and when the device gets old I will miss it.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 018

The dimensions of Voopoo DRAG S are even smaller than IQOS 3 DUOS, but it is less convenient due to the fact that it has liquid - you cannot wear it in your pocket in any position - the tank can unhook at any time from the base or spill in an inverted or horizontal position. Dust will constantly clog into the neck of the steam line and stick to the vapors on the steam line.

Nevertheless IQOS 3 DUOS does not give such a tactile high when used as Voopoo DRAG S.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 019

Comparison of the dimensions of Voodoo DRAGS with my help: POD system Brusko Minicon. Brusco seems to be a very small system, although it has only 1.5 milliliters less tank volume than the Voodoo DRAG S.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 020

Even though the DRAG S is compact, it comes with a built-in 2500mAh battery and a Type-C 5V 2A connector for fast charging. Charging takes place quite quickly - charging percentages change right before our eyes. The battery charge is enough, if not for two days, then for the whole day for sure.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 021

At the bottom of the tank are magnets, a filling hole with a rubber plug and a hole for the evaporator. The size of the tank is non-standard.

The principle of PnP evaporators is that DRAG S automatically identifies the inserted evaporator, that is, measures the resistance of the coil or mesh (depending on which heating element is installed) and selects the best power to prevent any misuse, which in theory should extend the life of the evaporator.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 022

At the moment, adapters for the 510 connector have appeared on sale, but the reviews for this connector are negative. It is unlikely that this solution can be considered unprecedented, especially since the automatic tightening mode disappears. There are also tanks for a cigarette puff. I have managed to improve something in the new tank or not, I cannot say - I failed to test it.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 023

The tank of Voodoo DRUMS with a capacity of 4.5 milliliters, it is enough for one day of smoking in moderate mode. Admittedly, such a large hole may be suitable for letting off steam, but not for normal smoking, especially with a cigarette puff. The tank squelches and makes obviously strange noises, incompatible with modest smoking.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 024

Realizing that they made a mistake by releasing a custom-sized tank and mouthpiece, the company promises on the website something that will fit tanks from other manufacturers: “You might think that POD is less playable than TANK, but everything is different in DRAG S. It may be adapted to a wide range of coils including RBA. We will even add a 510 adapter and other new technologies to it. An unprecedented creation is coming soon. Please look forward to it. "

voopoo drag s review thumbs 025

Near the connector, under the steel ring, there is a microphone for automatically turning on the vape when puffed. The ring is mounted on two screws with a Torex slot, so it is not possible to wipe the condensate somehow even with a cotton swab. There is a depression under the ring for condensation, but this does not help the situation. If you do not constantly wipe the depression from condensation, then the microphone will flood and the automatic activation when pulled will stop working.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 026

In theory, the air supply to the evaporator should be controlled by a valve that increases or decreases the number of holes, but even when the valve is completely closed, the air supply is too free.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 027

The very idea of POD systems is that you can simply change the heating element without bothering with winding the heating coil, laying cotton wool and so on.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 028

However, the very implementation of the heating elements looks incomplete - the contact wires are simply brought out along the edges of the sealing rubber ring. One operation could be added - welding the contacts to the body and brass contact to significantly reduce the possibility of leakage through the heating element O-rings.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 029

Heating elements of the new design have a smaller wetting window of the cotton wool and therefore a tighter puff and less squelching when smoking. It’s kind of dumb for me to squish when smoking - it’s like how the Chinese suck noodles into their mouths. With an obvious negative attitude towards vaping, which has developed in Russia, this squelching is even more depressing.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 030

The heating element is simply inserted into the tank. There is no thread that can reduce the potential for fluid leaks through the O-ring. Before inserting the heating element into the tank, it is advisable to moisten it from the inside with the vaping liquid with which you will fill the tank.

The photo shows that the rubber sealing ring is not filled correctly, but due to inexperience I did not pay attention to it.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 031

Then pick up the rubber band and fill the tank. The refueling port is large, so this is not a problem. About the fact that the rubber cover may break. Yes, maybe, but the Chinese industry offers tanks, even 2 units per pack, at a reasonable price. You can also buy puff tanks with a normal mouthpiece.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 032

After watching the horrors about salt nicotine, I decided to take alkaline nicotine. Of the alkaline mixtures in the store, there was only the taste and smell of tobacco from the Dion company in the city of Chekhov, Moscow region.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 033

The mixture is composed of 30% propylene glycol, 70% glycerin, food flavorings. The fortress is 3.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 034

I was very happy when I realized that the taste is similar to the taste of Tobacco blend from Pride Vape.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 035

Unfortunately, Pride Vape mixes are saline, so I use them with caution in my Brusko Minican bailout.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 036

Afraid to smoke 3 at once, I bought a nicotine free WTF mix.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 037

I didn't notice much of the blueberry cinnamon bun, especially when mixed with the tobacco flavor. I had no tasting goals - I needed to smoothly switch from IQOS to vape and slowly lower the nicotine level to 0.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 038

The mixture was prepared either by Miass boys, instead of going to school or by the Chinese.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 039

During the operation of the device, the main drawback was discovered - even if you soar a little and at room temperature, condensation still forms under the tank.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 040

Condensation is very difficult to wipe off. The way out of this situation is to use a rubber adapter under the 510 plug, then the adapter will fill in. With this option, it will be easier to wipe, but the automatic activation when tightening will disappear.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 040 2

Removing the cover to wipe off condensation has a weak result.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 040 3

Also, a raised microphone above the surface does not give anything either - condensation drips onto it.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 040 4

Putting back the cover is problematic - the o-ring is difficult to put in place, since it is larger in size. You can leave it as it is and wipe the device every few hours without removing the ring.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 041

The second significant drawback: PnP evaporators leak, due to their design features.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 042

If condensate can be somehow dealt with, then it is very difficult to leak. I started to evaporate at night. It's good that the tank was taken out of the base and stood on a napkin - half of the tank spilled onto the napkin.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 043

It can be seen that the sealing ring has no grooves for the contacts, so whether the evaporator will leak or not depends on the properties of the rubber of the seal.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 044

If we take into account the cost of the mixture and add the cost of the evaporators, then financially the situation does not look entirely rosy. The cost of using it even exceeds the cost of using IQOS.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 045

This vaporizer started to leak on the second day after purchase. Stores do not give guarantees for leaks, so the situation is depressing.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 046

It's good that there was another evaporator in the kit. It is old-fashioned with a white rubber gasket.

voopoo drag s review thumbs 047

Maybe due to the fact that the old-style evaporator does not flow for the third day.

It is possible to buy a PnP RBA evaporator and change the coil with cotton wool yourself. Users write that they are not flowing.

At the moment, such vaporizers are available from the manufacturer.



Smoking type DL. Resistance: 0.2 ohm. Wattage range: 40 ~ 60W. Heating element: mesh coil. Strength of the proposed liquid: Nicotine ≤ 10 mg.



Smoking type DL. Resistance: 0.15 ohm. Wattage range: 60 ~ 80W. Heating element: mesh coil. Strength of the proposed liquid: Nicotine ≤ 10 mg.

pnp pro6


Smoking type DL. Resistance: 0.3 ohm. Wattage range: 32 ~ 40W. Heating element: single mesh. Strength of the proposed liquid: Nicotine ≤ 10 mg.

pnp pro8


Smoking type DL. Resistance: 0.6 Ohm. Wattage range: 20 ~ 28W. Heating element: single mesh. Strength of the proposed liquid: Nicotine ≤ 25 mg.

pnp pro7


The smoking type is half. Resistance: 0.45 Ohm. Wattage range: 25 ~ 35W. Heating element: single mesh. Strength of the proposed liquid: Nicotine ≤ 25 mg.

pnp pro3


Smoking type MTL. Resistance: 0.8 ohm. Wattage range: 10 ~ 15W. Heating element: Conventional coils. Strength of the proposed liquid: Nicotine ≤ 35 mg.

pnp pro4


Smoking type MTL. Resistance : 1 Ohm. Wattage range: 12 ~ 18W. Heating element: Conventional coils. Strength of the proposed liquid: Nicotine ≤ 35 mg.

pnp pro5


Smoking type MTL / Half-DL. Resistance: Do it yourself. Power range: DIY. Heating element: Conventional coils.

pnp pro2


Smoking type MTL / Half-DL. Resistance: 0.6 Ohm. Wattage range: 20 ~ 28W. Heating element: single mesh. Strength of the proposed liquid: Nicotine ≤ 10 mg.

The device, in my opinion, is excellent for those who just want to quit smoking, but the high price of heating elements, especially considering their unreliability, raises questions when purchasing this device and generally using steam generators as an alternative to IQOS, glo, etc.

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