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In principle, there are many reviews of tobacco heating systems, but there are some features that are not indicated by paid reviewers.

I want to clarify right away that using tobacco heating systems instead of cigarettes, you exchange one evil for another, since the use of nicotine harms your health in any case. There are no harmless ways to consume any alkaloids!


I took the Ploom S device for a promotion.


The greatness of the solid box was overshadowed by cellophane - it was very similar to the packaging of products from Russia and China. In addition, there was no way to open cellophane without a knife, which further increased suspicion.



Despite the above drawback, the box, and especially the design, looks good.


There is a sticker on the back with detailed information. If I had been more attentive when buying, I would have noticed that the device was made in China and was wary and, most likely, would not have bought this set.


Upon opening the box, we see congratulations on the provision of an extended warranty of 2 years after registration on the site. The manufacturer declares that he replaces the defective device with a new one.


The set itself consists of four packs of sticks of 20 pieces of various flavors and a box with a set of tobacco heating systems.



The manufacturer claims to have applied HeatFlow technology.



The manufacturers of all tobacco heating devices declare that there is no smoke smell, however, there is a strong smell of flavorings after use, and many people do not like it even more than the smell of tobacco smoke.


The design of the box is beyond praise. Even Apple has a lot to learn from this manufacturer.


The device itself with accessories is in a super-strong box.

On the front there is a light indicator and a button to start the smoking process. The indicator light is very convenient - it shows the battery charge level, which I did not notice on GLO systems.


The device has a peculiar look. In fact, the Japanese probably had a hand in the design.

The device is assembled with high quality, despite the fact that it is made in China.


The device is charged via a modern USB Type-C port.


On top of the device there is a sliding cover, when opened, the device enters standby mode. It is better not to leave the cover open unnecessarily - at this time the battery runs out.


The documentation is in a separate envelope.


There are detailed instructions and quick start instructions.


The quick start guide has clear pictures.


The manufacturer did not forget to include a cable and a high-quality charger in the kit.


The charger is good - at 5 Volts, 1.5 Amperes and 7.5 Watts.


The output socket from the power supply is standard - USB A, it can also charge smartphones.


Also included with the device are: 6 alcohol cotton swabs and a brush for cleaning the device.


A pack of smoking sticks resembles a simple pack of cigarettes, but in a smaller size.


Smoking sticks are made in Poland.


There are complaints about the quality of the packaging - they cannot be compared with the packs of sticks for IQOS, they are soft and do not hold their shape at all.


Two packs of the set have 5.4 grams of tobacco in a stick and two packs with 5.1 grams of tobacco.



Due to the fact that the packs are soft, it is impossible for a large person to get the sticks out of them - you can crush all the sticks.



The stick is removed from the pack, the cover slides on the device, after which the battery charge indicator will show the charge level. Then you need to insert the stick to a level such that the ventilation holes on the stick are about 5 millimeters higher than the device lid. Why it was impossible to make some kind of support for the bottom of the stick or a heating element of the required size is not clear.

This is very important, it is not in vain that both instructions indicate this. Otherwise, you will inhale the fumes of the melted plastic of the cigarette instead of the aerosol of tobacco.


In this photo, you can see that the tobacco part has about 1/3 of the stick, and the stick can be pushed into the heating element for a great length, so plastic will be heated instead of tobacco in the sticks.


In addition, of all four packs of sticks, I was able to smoke only Berry fresh sticks. Others (and not only me) have a terrible cough. And this is despite the fact that the Japanese special bag of tobacco is declared.


This photo shows that the sticks for IQOS are not only shorter in length, but also of higher quality.


In this photo, after using the sticks, it can be seen that the IQOS and Poom systems with GLO have a different tobacco heating system.

That is, in IQOS, the heating element, which is located in the center, heats up special tobacco paper with the addition of nicotine and additives, and in the Ploom and GLO systems, the heating element is located in the tube, where a stick with tobacco soaked in nicotine with additives is inserted - first the sleeve is heated, and then tobacco.

That is, in Ploom, in addition to tobacco aerosol, you inhale the decay products of the paper tube in which the tobacco is located. This is probably why, when using the device, a suffocating cough begins.

Also, the cough is slightly reduced by cleaning the heating element in the Ploom with the supplied cotton swab. They are Chinese and Chinese in Africa - will they look whether they eat engine oil on the heating element or not.

My assertion that when using the Ploom device, a painful cough begins is not unfounded - I gave several smokers a try and everyone started coughing. On the website of the seller of this kit, there are 165 customer reviews and about 90% are negative and they are associated with a cough.

Came to this conclusion:

  1. Any tobacco heating device after purchase must be cleaned and disinfected from the Chinese;
  2. Do not insert the stick all the way into the Ploom device.
  3. For Ploom take Berry fresh sticks.

From the pros:

  1. No ash;
  2. No tobacco stink after smoking;
  3. No stink from cigarette butts;
  4. No fire hazard;
  5. Less harm to health compared to cigarettes sold in Russia.
  6. The time between smokers increases and it is easier to quit smoking.
  7. Amazing delivery and packaging quality of the device.
  8. The quality of the device itself.
  9. An amazing site for the quality of performance.

Of the minuses of this particular device:

  1. Murderous cough when applied;
  2. There are no sticks from other manufacturers that have higher quality;
  3. The price of the sticks is high.
  4. The need to constantly charge the device;
  5. The need to constantly clean the device;
  6. Purchase of cleaning accessories other than sticks.
  7. The stick just falls out if you lower your hand - it just dangles in the heating element up and down. It follows from this that it is impossible to smoke on the go.

Personally, I was amazed by the highest quality of the company in general: an amazing website, design and quality of boxes, style, and in general, you can list everything for a long time. The whole team worked 200%!

Only engineers and technologists let us down.


It turned out that GLO sticks can be used for Ploom - there is no strong cough and hot steam that burns the lips and lungs, as they are longer and have a long filter.

PS 2


I went to the store for sticks for Ploom, it turned out that there was a pack of smaller sticks in the store.


The sticks themselves are smaller. Moreover, these little sticks can be smoked normally! There is no cough and you smoke normally! The taste is full-bodied and normal as stated. The sticks themselves no longer dangle in the heater.


Normal poems are released in 2020, and poems that cannot be bought in 2021. That is, literally a year ago, everything was fine in the company. What happened to you, brother?

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