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A week after the Ploom tobacco heating system was purchased, I bought the glo HYPER + tobacco heating system. This was due to the fact that more or less in Ploom it was possible to smoke only sticks of 2020 and the option loomed that I would be left completely without sticks.

I want to clarify right away that using tobacco heating systems instead of cigarettes, you exchange one evil for another, since the use of nicotine harms your health in any case. There are no harmless ways to consume any alkaloids!


The glo HYPER + tobacco heating system was also purchased for a promotion. That is, given the price of the sticks, the device costs free.

glo hyper plus thumbs 002

In a limited set, along with glo HYPER +, there are four packs of sticks. Limited edition does not mean that you will have a limited edition of the device. Limited editions of the device have 2 overlays of a different color than the main colors.

glo hyper plus thumbs 003

On the box there is a statement that the device is 95% less harmful to the body.

glo hyper plus thumbs 004

About the harmlessness. It should be noted that you will probably find it more difficult to quit smoking tobacco heating systems than regular cigarettes.

glo hyper plus thumbs 005

The box says the manufacturer is in the UK and the device itself is made in China.

glo hyper plus thumbs 006

The Ploom set looks more solid than the glo HYPER + set, and in general the design of everything (website, brochures, etc.) at Ploom is more modern.

glo hyper plus thumbs 007

The packs in the glo set are upside down, which, as it were, hints at where the set was going to.

glo hyper plus thumbs 008

The set contains 4 packs of sticks with two flavors. I especially like Berry Click with a button, but it tastes great without a button.

glo hyper plus thumbs 008

The box itself with the glo HYPER + device is packed in cellophane film with tape for quick unpacking, which indicates a high class of the product.

glo hyper plus thumbs 010

glo hyper plus thumbs 011

The box itself is awesome - it has a nice texture that is hard to describe.

glo hyper plus thumbs 012

The glo HYPER + system has a new stick format called DEMI.

glo hyper plus thumbs 013

Glo model in G403 set.

glo hyper plus thumbs 014

There is a large H inside the lid, probably from the word Hyper.

glo hyper plus thumbs 015

The device itself allows you to smoke four sticks in a row. In just one battery charge, you can smoke up to 20 sticks.

glo hyper plus thumbs 016

The glo Hyper + case is aluminum coated, which is pleasant to the touch.

glo hyper plus thumbs 017

The cover in most variants is glossy, which is not critical, but not practical.

glo hyper plus thumbs 018

Unlike models from other companies, glo devices have a vent on the bottom that will allow you to smoke normally, and not try to suck something out of nowhere, like the Ploom.

glo hyper plus thumbs 019

Also, the hatch has a hinged cover and through it you can clean the device. Despite the twitching flimsy and unpretentiousness, the lid is made quite acceptable - it even has a spring for reclining.

glo hyper plus thumbs 020

The device is charged via a modern USB Type-C connector.

glo hyper plus thumbs 021

GLO HYPER + has an induction type of heating, that is, coils of copper wire of a large cross-section with a high frequency heat a thin metal sleeve where the stick is inserted.


The sleeve has an opening for air supply and cleaning.

glo hyper plus thumbs 023

Unfortunately, when activating the additional warranty, it will only be equal to one year, while Ploom has 2 years.

glo hyper plus thumbs 024

glo hyper plus thumbs 025

Documentation and accessories are in a separate box.

glo hyper plus thumbs 026

glo hyper plus thumbs 027

The set of glo HYPER + can be called poor - it consists of the bare essentials: a short USB Type-C cable, a short brush for cleaning the sleeve for the sticks, and a very brief instruction in several languages. The font of the instructions is so small that it is impossible to read anything without a magnifying glass.

As you can see, glo HYPER + has neither a power supply unit, nor a cotton swab for cleaning and, one might say, instructions.

glo hyper plus thumbs 028

The charging indicator is extremely uninformative - it is impossible to understand at what stage the charging is. It is also impossible to understand how much charge is left. In the sunlight, everything becomes completely incomprehensible. At Ploom, when you move the lid, you can see how much charge is left on the indicator. Also, when charging, you can see how much is left to charge.

In addition, glo communicates with vibration 20 seconds before the end of smoking, but with further disconnection, there is no vibration, unlike Ploom.

glo hyper plus thumbs 029

The glo HYPR + sticks are longer than the Ploom sticks and this is good - it is easier to use and there is a normal amount of mix to simulate smoking.

glo hyper plus thumbs 030

The Kent pack is more durable than the Winston pack, and the Winston sticks, despite the fact that they cannot be smoked, are more expensive.

glo hyper plus thumbs 031

It can be seen that Winston has half the mix than Kent. By the way, sticks from glo Hyper + can be smoked in Ploom.

glo hyper plus thumbs 032

Sticks for Hyper + are made in Russia, for Ploom in Poland. In Russian sticks (as it should be 😂), everything that can stick out will stick out and fall out.

glo hyper plus thumbs 033

The sizes of Ploom and glo HYPER+ are comparable, however glo HYPER+ heats up much faster. With Ploom, you can press the heating button when you leave the house, until you reach, for example, until it stops heating up.

glo hyper plus thumbs 034

The Ploom weighs 88 grams.

glo hyper plus thumbs 035

The weight of glo HYPER + is 115 grams; the effect is an aluminum case, a battery of higher power, high-quality copper heaters.

Verdict - I am completely satisfied with glo HYPER + - you smoke like regular cigarettes with an amazing taste.

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