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While there is a massive shift to cable-powered mice and keyboards, the need for wireless solutions remains.

And in this segment, the choice of quality products is small.

obkmwc5050 001

The wireless kit is manufactured in the Republic of China.

obkmwc5050 002

The set is packed in a perfectly tolerable cardboard box.

obkmwc5050 003

The box contains: keyboard, mouse, batteries, transceiver, and documentation.

obkmwc5050 004

There is a lot of documentation, as usual.

obkmwc5050 005

The keyboard itself is ergonomically shaped.

obkmwc5050 006

The keyboard panel has a glossy finish.

obkmwc5050 007

The keyboard contains 105 main keys and 19 additional keys. Vendors have very different values for the number of keys. I'm too lazy to count.

obkmwc5050 008

The upper row of auxiliary and multimedia buttons is made in the upper part of the keyboard case. They have a clear and distinct click. Unlike auxiliary keys, the main keys have membrane technology. It is no different from millions of other rubber-matrix keyboards. Of all the keyboards, I didn’t like the one with the plunger mechanism.

obkmwc5050 009

The wrist rest has a rubber-like, grooved finish that is large and very comfortable.

obkmwc5050 010

On the bottom edge, some keys have hints for key combinations. The font on the keyboard is glued, so if the user has claws like a bear, he will quickly peel off.

obkmwc5050 011

In addition, the keyboard has separate legs on the bottom, there are also five legs for the stability of the keyboard.

obkmwc5050 012

There are also holes on the bottom of the keyboard for the discharge of accidentally poured liquid onto the keyboard.

obkmwc5050 013

As usual, the keyboard contains a warning about the risk of acquiring an occupational disease from using the keyboard and mouse, and it is recommended that you read the manual on "Principles of Safe Computer Use".

obkmwc5050 014

Keyboard specification sticker. Interesting for myself is that the keyboard was released in 2015 and the keyboard has a current consumption of 50 milliamperes. The claimed 15 months of battery life is hard to believe.

obkmwc5050 015

Despite the fact that from an engineering point of view it is difficult to find fault with the kit, there are flaws in the Chinese assembly.

obkmwc5050 016

The keyboard comes with detachable legs that can be installed both on the bottom of the keyboard and on the top.

obkmwc5050 017

The legs have a durable rubber coating.

obkmwc5050 018

The legs are attached by pushing on the case and turning in the direction of the arrow indicated on the keyboard case.

obkmwc5050 019

obkmwc5050 020

Due to the fact that the legs on the keyboards are constantly breaking (especially on Microsoft keyboards, which constantly had to be glued and reinforced), this solution is just a pleasant surprise for users of Microsoft products.

obkmwc5050 021

The mouse is small in size and nevertheless, due to its shape, it fits perfectly even in a large palm.

obkmwc5050 022

The upper part of the mouse is absolutely glossy.

obkmwc5050 023

The mouse keys fit perfectly under the fingers and have good tactile feedback.

obkmwc5050 024

The mouse wheel has a rubber coating and has additional buttons with longitudinal pressure.

obkmwc5050 025

On the left side above the thumb is an additional control button.

obkmwc5050 026

On the right side there is a similar one. Since the mouse is intended for people with left and right grip, all elements are symmetrical.

obkmwc5050 027

Most of the mouse, including the back, is covered with a rubber coating.

obkmwc5050 028

Retailers claim mouse accuracy up to 988 DPI. The cover contains a compartment for attaching the transceiver (transceiver) and easy portability. It should be noted that the sliding legs are well-designed - they are made as sectors of a circle, so there will be no effect of the mouse jumping on an uneven surface or with uneven grinding of simple spacers to slide over the surface.

obkmwc5050 029

The mouse is powered by 2 AA batteries. There are no straps for quick removal of the batteries - a system a la "Break your nails". Data available for up to a year of operation from one set of batteries. It's hard to believe too.

obkmwc5050 030

The included transceiver and batteries are tightly rewound with tape - very competently, nothing will be lost.

obkmwc5050 031

The transceiver has the Microsoft logo, which will not be confused with a USB flash drive.

obkmwc5050 032

The transceiver has an encryption system that will not allow intercepting a signal from a mouse or keyboard. The declared range of work is up to 10 meters. Nice kit. Everything is spoiled only by the dark blue Cyrillic font on the keys, which is practically invisible in a dark room.

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