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Overview of Zippo Butane Dual Burner Gas Block Z8B19.

Zippo does not stand still in its development and introduces new technologies. For example, gas and electronic units appeared in the assortment of the company.

I was afraid to buy an electronic unit, since the guarantee is only one year, and for a gas unit 2 years, for a gasoline unit the warranty is generally for life in developed countries. In addition, the electronic unit is charged via the outdated Micro USB connector.

I’ll note right away that I will proceed from the fact that the lighters are original, despite the fact that the seller is an individual entrepreneur, since the domain is dying.

 zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 001

The gas block is inserted into the body of a standard Zippo lighter, so I will start the review with a review of a simple Zippo lighter.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 002

The kit was bought at the moment when confusion began with the dollar exchange rate and the bulk of the positions of interest were simply swept away by buyers. I took a Zippo lighter with a reinforced brass Armor™ ZIPPO 28496 body. Unfortunately the pure copper body was already sold.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 003

The lighter comes with instructions in Russian.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 004

The insert in the box informs. that the body of this lighter is one and a half times stronger than the standard body.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 005

It should be borne in mind that for lighters coated with non-ferrous and semi-precious metals, the click is more dull than for a standard case.

zippo butane z8b19 006

The lighter was made in 2021.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 007

The bottom of this type of case is not concave.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 008

The larva has a yellow coating to match the body color.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 009

Unlike lighters for the American market, the inscription on the felt pad only has the inscription LIFT TO FILL.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 010

The larva is also made in 2021.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 011

Rivets are of poorer quality than lighters for the US domestic market.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 012

It can be seen that the screw for the flint pressure spring has a torn slot. There is no doubt that the screw or the entire larva is taken from an old lighter.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 013

The impression of this lighter leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 014

Let's move on to the review directly to the review of the gas block. The gas block is also packed in a standard carton.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 015

The gas block is manufactured in the People's Republic of China according to Zippo technologies and standards. The fact that the gas block is made in China can be seen even on a crookedly pasted label.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 016

The gas block comes with instructions in Russian.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 017

The beautiful design of the packaging draws attention.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 018

The body of the gas block has a High-Polish Chrome finish.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 019

There are warnings on the case that it is necessary to protect your face from the flame of the lighter, and it is also forbidden to leave it on for more than 10 seconds. This is not surprising - the temperature of the flame reaches up to 1260 ° Celsius.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 020

This gas block has two gas burners. On sale there are gas blocks with one gas burner.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 021

It can be seen that the openings of the cover are skewed.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 022

One refueling of a lighter is enough for a week of normal lighting 25 - 30 times. The capacity of the gas tank is 0.9 grams. Provides burning up to 60.5 seconds from one gas station when using a flame 2.5 cm high. At the first use, it is necessary to reduce the gas pressure by turning the screw clockwise.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 023

Do not heat the gas block above 50 degrees Celsius. In the summer, it is better to insert a gasoline block into the housing and use it.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 024

The gas block left the most pleasant impression - it works flawlessly even with Russian gas in any weather.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 025

The gas block is inserted like a regular gasoline larva into the body of the lighter. Fits all standard Zippo lighter cases - except Slim or 1935 Replica lighter cases.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 026

Due to the fact that butane fuel is used, the lighter has no unpleasant odor and is ideal for cigarettes and cigars.

zippo butane z8b19 thumbs 027

The plug-in unit is supplied without fuel.

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