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Still, I found a bridge that confirms that the difference in taste is different between different bridges and this is Mohist RBA from Auguse.

This article is intended for people over 18 years of age who want to quit smoking!

There was a vague suspicion that breeches made by milling were different from breeches made by powder casting. In addition, the bridge had all the properties that were required in the first place.


auguse mohist rba 002 thumbs

auguse mohist rba 003 thumbs

The bridge is packaged in a box with a design already familiar to Auguse.

auguse mohist rba 004 thumbs

On the bottom side of the box there are: a QR code for visiting the site, the color of the bridge, the site address and email of the developer and manufacturer.

The bridge is made in China.

auguse mohist rba 004 2 thumbs

There is another hole in the box. Probably it was planned to complete it with something else.

auguse mohist rba 004 3 thumbs

auguse mohist rba 004 4 thumbs

auguse mohist rba 004 5 thumbs

About the appearance we can say this: there are not enough stars from the sky, but it is recognizable.

auguse mohist rba 005 thumbs

Due to the fact that the bridge was developed by a vape specialist, it takes into account all the nuances that may arise during use.

auguse mohist rba 005 2 thumbs

So the kit comes with a lot of jets, starting from 0.8 millimeters, the main part of which is for MTL tightening, which is great.

auguse mohist rba 006 thumbs

A new device must be washed, even more so when purchasing a bridge or tank from your hands.

auguse mohist rba 007 thumbs

Almost all parts of the bridge are made of food grade stainless steel 316.

auguse mohist rba 008 thumbs

Probably due to the fact that the bridge was designed and manufactured in China, there are no numbers to verify authenticity.

auguse mohist rba 009 thumbs

The vaporization chamber is made in the form of a rounded cube.

auguse mohist rba 010 thumbs

At the top of the steam generation chamber there is a thread for installing a steam line.

auguse mohist rba 011 thumbs

Logos are engraved on the sides of the cube.

auguse mohist rba 012 thumbs

The interior of the vaporization chamber has a complex dome.

auguse mohist rba 012 2 thumbs

Probably thanks to him the bridge tastes amazing.

auguse mohist rba 013 thumbs

Everything in this bridge is thought out, for example, the jets have a spherical tip, which prevents condensation from getting inside the jet. All jets are marked.

auguse mohist rba 014 thumbs

The lower part of the jets has not only four holes for taking liquid from the sides, but also from the bottom.

auguse mohist rba 014 2 thumbs

Also, due to the oval-shaped hole at the bottom, you can use a simple 3 mm flat-head screwdriver to install the jets.

auguse mohist rba 015 thumbs

The entire surface of the bridge shows processing with a milling cutter and cutter; There is no polish anywhere, it couldn’t be otherwise, given its cost.

auguse mohist rba 016 thumbs

The design of the bridge is classic: bottom airflow through a jet through which power is supplied to the stand.

auguse mohist rba 017 thumbs

As usual, the stand falls out along with the insulator when the nozzle is unscrewed.

auguse mohist rba 018 thumbs

The stand has stops on the sides of the screw, which allows, firstly, to conveniently install the spiral and, secondly, to use a spiral with right and left winding.

auguse mohist rba 019 thumbs

The liquid is supplied through two grooves according to the classic GTA scheme, but the design of the bridge allows you not to pull the cotton braids into the holes, but simply lay the cotton on the grooves.

auguse mohist rba 019 2 thumbs

auguse mohist rba 020 thumbs

auguse mohist rba 021 thumbs

auguse mohist rba 021 2 thumbs

As I already pointed out, everything in this bridge is thought out - there are convenient stands for the mandrel, with which you can conveniently install the coil (spiral).

auguse mohist rba 022 thumbs

These same racks do not allow liquid to pass past the cotton wool and narrow the evaporation chamber, which is probably why the bridge has such a heightened taste.

auguse mohist rba 022 2 thumbs

auguse mohist rba 023 thumbs

No adapter is required to install this bridge into a 510 connector, no maintenance is required - everything is harmonious and beautiful.

auguse mohist rba 024 thumbs

The kit includes two steam lines.

auguse mohist rba 025 thumbs

I used a steam line with a smaller hole. There is no squelching from condensation. In order for extraneous noise from condensate to appear, it is necessary to narrow the steam pipe shaft to about one millimeter, so the myth that the wider the steam pipe shaft, the better, remains a myth for me personally. The Chinese produce drip tips with a steam line sealer - where the taste increases, it becomes necessary to clean the drip tip (mouthpiece) every day.

auguse mohist rba 026 thumbs

The 3.5 mm coil (spiral) with five turns does not fit into the bridge - the screws get in the way. If you leave four turns, then theoretically the coil can fit, but the bridge will overheat and I did not have such a problem for MTL.

auguse mohist rba 027 thumbs

When I first started, I decided to use a monocore made of food grade stainless steel 316.

auguse mohist rba 028 thumbs

The coils have a diameter of 2.5 millimeters and a resistance of 1.5 ohms.

auguse mohist rba 029 thumbs

If you continue winding the long legs, you can achieve 1.6 Ohms. A large number of turns increases vaporization due to the larger evaporation area.

auguse mohist rba 030 thumbs

Large Phillips screws and a mandrel make installation of the coil simple.

auguse mohist rba 031 thumbs

auguse mohist rba 032 2 thumbs

auguse mohist rba 032 thumbs

To bite off the ends of the spiral, I purchased excellent nippers with a flat cutting part from the Chinese.

auguse mohist rba 032 2 thumbs

They justify their price.

auguse mohist rba 033 thumbs

auguse mohist rba 034 thumbs

In this case I used Cotn Threads - I found it better than Cotton Bacon.

auguse mohist rba 035 thumbs

auguse mohist rba 036 thumbs

In this case, I passed the cotton wool braids through the grooves.

auguse mohist rba 037 thumbs

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the bridge produces an increased taste, it is impossible to vape salt liquids even on a small monowire - an incredibly nasty taste of chemical porridge remains in the mouth. Maybe people like Bukharev, on the contrary, will enjoy it.

auguse mohist rba 038 thumbs

I also tried Alien coils on this bridge.

auguse mohist rba 039 thumbs

I also tried turning the spiral upside down. The taste changes - the trothit changes.

auguse mohist rba 040 thumbs

auguse mohist rba 041 thumbs

I also tried Vape Cotton. Nothing much has changed except that it takes more time for the cotton wool to steam.

auguse mohist rba 042 thumbs

As you can see, this Japanese raw material has long fibers and little debris, which is very good.

auguse mohist rba 043 thumbs

The bridge is quiet - I didn't notice any sniffing, whistling or other noise.

auguse mohist rba 044 thumbs

For greater savings, it makes sense to purchase ready-made wire for spirals and wind it yourself.

auguse mohist rba 045 thumbs

For convenient winding and installation of spirals, the Chinese produce a convenient tool.

auguse mohist rba 046 thumbs

It also makes sense to make a mixture for an electronic cigarette yourself, since: AND HERE IT WOULD BE POSSIBLE TO RAISE THE TOPIC TOPIC OF LIQUIDS, WHERE IT WILL GET IT FOR LIQUID TESTERS ON THE SAVINGS, but it is better to do this in a separate article, and if briefly, the salt liquid is made for POD systems, and alkaline for bulk with huge spirals. Boxes of breeches hang in the air.

auguse mohist rba 047 thumbs

I launched Mohist RBA on a boro tank from Ambitions.

auguse mohist rba 048 thumbs

At first, these boro tanks seemed more convenient to me than others - more convenient refueling and convenient installation, but during operation unpleasant features emerged: the tank has a tendency to deform the plastic part when the bridge heats up. Also, when the pressure changes at night, this tank tends to leak, despite the fact that visually everything seems to be normal.

auguse mohist rba 049 thumbs

At the moment this is the best bridge for me in terms of taste and ease of maintenance.

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