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There will probably be several articles about artistic creativity in the vaping industry, so I will make articles as part of something in common.

This article is intended for people over 18 years of age who want to quit smoking!

I'll start with how I purchased products from Brotherhood custom.

auguse mohist rba 047 thumbs

I noticed that at least my Ambitions tanks tend to warp and have unreliable rubber gaskets, so I started looking for a metal boro tank with half decent glass.

At one of the flea markets I found a tank at an interesting price and with a design that was interesting to me. As it turned out later on the site, this was a previous line with a plot from an American cartoon, which is currently not in production. Now there is a Mexican series with cow skulls, human skulls, the Texas star and other ideas that are not interesting to me.


To create a composition of bridge and boro tank of the same theme, I decided to look for bridge at flea markets. Unfortunately, the breeches that were on sale were worn out or were asking for money as if they were new, so I decided to write directly to the company, for good luck. Trying is not torture. To my joy, the answer was received, despite the day off. Postponed until working days.

And good luck - it turned out to be possible to order the bridge I wanted. A few days and I have bridge.

bro rba vi 002 thumbs

The bridge comes in a metal box. On top of the box is Scrooge McDuck, a billionaire drake, one of the main characters in the animated series DuckTales.

On the bottom of the box is the Brotherhood custom logo. The box is pleasant to the touch.

bro rba vi 003 thumbs

Inside the box, on a green paper filler, is the bridge itself in a plastic bag.

bro rba vi 004 thumbs

The photo shows the seams at the junction of the dome and the base of the bridge. In fact, this is only visible with a macro lens - the detailing is so precise and cool that the human eye can barely see the thin strip at the junction.

bro rba vi 005 thumbs

bro rba vi 009 thumbs

At the bottom of the filler there is a bag with a hex key, one oring and two spare screws for a straight screwdriver.

bro rba vi 008 thumbs

This bridge has individual engraving, that is, there is no other bridge like this with such engraving and that’s great.

bro rba vi 010 thumbs

Since the bridge is supplied in a minimum configuration, additional parts can be ordered.

bro rba vi 011 thumbs

Accessories come in cool, plastic containers.

bro rba vi 012 thumbs

The container lid has a sealing claim; To open the container you need to press and turn the lid - it has a bayonet system.

bro rba vi 013 thumbs

bro rba vi 014 thumbs

By default, the bridge comes with a 3.5 mm jet. It is not clear what the reason for this choice is for an AIO system.

bro rba vi 015 thumbs

I had to order more jets for MTL tightening.

bro rba vi 016 thumbs

I use 1 millimeter jets, there were jets around this value of 0.9 and 1.2 millimeters, so I took them both. As a result, I realized that it was possible to take only 0.9 millimeters - not much different from one millimeter.

bro rba vi 017 thumbs

The jets are brass and have 2 large holes located at 180 degrees. The bottom of the jet is closed tightly.

bro rba vi 018 thumbs

The steam line has a proprietary, octagonal appearance.

bro rba vi 019 thumbs

The steam line hole has a diameter of about four millimeters.

bro rba vi 020 thumbs

The steam line is held on the chamber dome on one oring. Due to the fact that the steam line is inserted tightly, there are no problems with fastening.

bro rba vi 021 thumbs

One side of the evaporation chamber dome has the company logo.

bro rba vi 022 thumbs

The second side is engraved with the theme I requested. The good thing is that the manufacturer is easy to contact. and hears all wishes, despite the fact that production of this model has long been discontinued. What leads to admiration is the subtle yet deep engraving.

bro rba vi 023 thumbs

The dome of the chambers is made of a single piece of metal.

bro rba vi 024 thumbs

bro rba vi 025 thumbs

The camera dome does not contain any gimmicks or other frills.

bro rba vi 026 thumbs

No adapter is needed to install the bridge on a 510 connector.

bro rba vi 027 thumbs

The thread on the 510 connector is closed with an anodized aluminum nut with a crown, which is convenient to unscrew.

bro rba vi 028 thumbs

bro rba vi 029 thumbs

The base is made perfectly - even a macro lens cannot find any burrs.

bro rba vi 030 thumbs

bro rba vi 031 thumbs

The bridge is made of brushed food grade 316 stainless steel.

bro rba vi 032 thumbs

Unfortunately, the jet does not provide for the installation of an oring on it, like the Pioneer, so there is a possibility of liquid leakage.

bro rba vi 033 thumbs

The design of the bridge is classic - power is supplied through a jet isolated from the body.

bro rba vi 034 thumbs

The insulator for the jet is made of black PEEK plastic.

bro rba vi 035 thumbs

bro rba vi 036 thumbs

When the jet is unscrewed, the stand falls out, which makes it impossible to hot-change the jet, and this is not necessary, given that the buyer has already consciously purchased the jet that he needed.

bro rba vi 037 thumbs

The base insulator is also made of black PEEK plastic.

bro rba vi 038 thumbs

bro rba vi 039 thumbs

Grooves in the base for laying cotton wool, deep and wide; The cotton wool is installed without problems.

bro rba vi 040 thumbs

The BRO RBA VI bridge has a single, but significant drawback - these are just microscopic screws for attaching the spiral.

bro rba vi 041 thumbs

The hexagon slot has a size of less than 1 mm, or more precisely 0.8 millimeters.

bro rba vi 042 thumbs

Here is a picture comparing a hexagon for a bridge and a sewing needle for hand sewing bags. When tightening, you constantly worry about how not to spoil the screw, but it still tends to turn from the hexagon.

In addition, the screws are located at some distance in the rack and the screws themselves have a cone, so in order to tighten the coil with a screw you will have to try, since the spiral constantly strives to crawl out from under the screw. And this is even when attaching an Alien coil, but one can only be horrified about attaching a 0.3 mm monocore.

bro rba vi 043 thumbs

The Boro tank came to me in a beautiful bag. The bag was dirty and after washing it began to sparkle with colors.

bro rba vi 044 thumbs

The bag contained a plastic case with the boro tank itself and a bag with two spare orings and one gasket.

bro rba vi 045 thumbs

bro rba vi 046 thumbs

I think the Scrooge McDuck themed boro tank looks even cooler than the bridge.

bro rba vi 047 thumbs

The thin, deep engraving is simply amazing.

bro rba vi 048 thumbs

Unfortunately, I don’t know how the engraving was made and at what stages manual work was used. Most likely, most of the work was completed on a CNC machine. However, the machine, at this stage of development, cannot completely replace manual labor, including the development and design of products and images.

bro rba vi 049 thumbs

Even in closed devices this bundle looks great.

The bridge has the same taste as similar ones with a rectangular evaporation chamber, without being narrowed; for example, like a Pioneer.

Boro tank due to the fact that the metal one does not overheat. The glass moves perfectly, smoothly.

A wonderful, beautiful bundle and once again I am convinced that it is better to buy things made individually, which is more expensive, but it pleases the eye and soul.


bro rba vi 050 thumbs

And yet it leaked.

bro rba vi 051 thumbs

I didn’t bother to figure out what the reason was. The kit included a spare oring, I put it on the jet and after that the system still did not leak in a week.

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