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Thanks for understanding!

Due to the constant hacking attempt and user spam, registration and login to the personal account on the site are closed.

So he came to Russia fucked up. Perhaps it was just my circumstances.

Several factors led to the termination of activities on CMS Dolphin (engine for the site):

  1. The site was maintained on a modest salary of a system administrator and, due to the difficult economic situation, in general in Russia and personally from me in particular, it became impossible to rent a hosting with a bulky and heavy engine.
  2. CMS Dolphin Pro uses outdated PHP 5.6, which is not normally supported by modern operating systems. The date of transfer to the new engine is not known.
  3. The hosting used at this time cannot provide normal bandwidth (regardless of the amount of payments) for the advertising fees to cover the costs of maintaining the site.
  4. Mostly spammers are registered on the site. The site could only develop due to the content of users who would spin 2 ads from Google, but a vicious circle was created - there is no user content and even if it was hosting it does not give out large traffic, low traffic does not allow switching to a dedicated server.
  5. In principle, the site has not grown more than the site of one author, who cannot carry an overwhelming burden.
  6. Also, the site engine does not allow switching to the htpps protocol, which is currently current, during working hours - links break, the template is skewed.

Perhaps the site can be translated, under favorable circumstances, back to CMS Dolphin.

I apologize to the users of the site.

It is a pity that the dream did not come true and the circumstances killed the plan.

Users who have their content on abzala you need to save it on your resources!

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