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Over time, when using tobacco heating systems, many have a need to reduce the cost of bad habits or reduce the amount of nicotine consumed. Many people see vaping as the next step, but when you try to switch to vaping, additional costs begin.

As usual in a vape shop, you will be offered not what you need, but what is beneficial to the seller or what the seller thinks, regardless of whether this opinion is true or false. Most likely, you will be sold a POD system designed for bulk, that is, for vapers who like to let out large puffs of steam, even if you need to gradually quit smoking and emitting a huge amount of steam has nothing to do with quitting smoking. In addition, you will be compulsively offered saline nicotine in e-liquid, although it makes no difference what nicotine is saline or alkaline for POD systems - only the ratio of propylene glycol to glycerin matters.

When you realize that something is wrong, you will go to the store for the next device, but you need to understand some of the nuances associated with e-smoking.

After I bought the Voopoo DRAG S Mod Pod system, I realized that this device was not suitable for me personally due to its massiveness and inability to get high and had to go to the store for the next device.

One of the purchase criteria was the compactness and availability of cartridges in stores, so I took the Vaporesso Xros 2.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 001

The choice fell on an electronic cigarette with a POD Xros 2 system. I had to look, as this device was quickly disassembled in stores.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 002

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 003

The box has a tape with which you can conveniently remove the film from the box.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 004

The color of the box should theoretically indicate the color of the device, however this is not entirely true, because the e-cigarette has a gradient from top to bottom throughout the body. In this case, it is from dark blue to deep purple, so it turns out that the device is mostly blue.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 005

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 006

The electronic cigarette is manufactured in the famous Shenzhen city of the Republic of China.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 007

On the bottom of the box is the specification, a red warning banner for children and youngsters, and an authentication hologram.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 008

Paper documents are in a separate envelope.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 009

The documentation consists of instructions, a warranty card, and a checklist for checking the device for originality. There is no Russian language in the instructions, but in principle it is not needed - the device is turned on by five-fold quick pressing of the single button, like most pods.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 010

The kit also contains: the device itself, a high-quality power cable and one more cartridge.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 011

The power cable is of the Type-C standard.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 012

The cable length is good. Branded and braided cable.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 013

0.8 ohm cartridge in device, optional 1.2 ohm cartridge.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 014

The holes in the evaporators are large, which allows you to use liquid in a ratio of 70 / 30, and not just the one that they are trying to sell you in vape shops. When refueling liquid with a ratio of 50 / 50, the cartridges begin to spit and it becomes impossible to smoke.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 015

The quality of the cartridges is good - they don't leak. The price is also good news.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 016

The electronic cigarette is controlled by one button, it is to turn on and off and it is the same to start smoking.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 017

In addition to the control button on the front panel, there are small but bright LEDs for the battery charge level, they also indicate the battery charge level. Unfortunately, when the battery is fully charged, they do not go out, so it is not clear when to remove the device from charging.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 018

The Vaporesso Xros 2 has a state of the art USB Type-C charging connector. The battery has a capacity of 1000 mAh (milliamperes per hour, not milliampere hours, as illiterate Russian device reviewers like to say). This capacity is enough for normal use during the day by a normal person, and not for lovers of sweet lollipops to suck.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 019

On one of the side faces there is a small air intake hole.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 020

On the back of the hearth there is an air intake shutter knob. The shutter works, but even when the shutter is completely closed, air flows through. There is no MTL (cigarette) puff in this device, so you cannot smoke it. You can only achieve an overdose of nicotine, which will hit the body and thus understand that you are high.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 021

On one more side face there is an additional, duplicate hole, which does not allow accidental closure of the airflow at all. If you try to tighten the tightening by closing one of the holes, then hot scalding steam starts to flow and the device overheats and turns off.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 022

The body of the electronic cigarette is made of aluminum. The Vaporesso Xros 2 is lightweight.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 023

In the place of the cartridge landing there are strong magnets, power contacts for the cartridge and a microphone tube for triggering the hearth from a puff. The device can be operated both from a tightening and from a button.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 024

The cartridge of Vaporesso Xros 2 sits tightly in the battery pack - it does not wobble or creak. The volume of the cartridge is 2 milliliters, which is in accordance with the legislation in the EC.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 025

Refueling is carried out by shifting to the side and removing the black cap - mouthpiece. Above there are: an air intake hole, an evaporator shaft and a filling valve. There are no problems when refueling.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 026

It must be borne in mind that there is no need to try to overfill - excess liquid will flow out through the air intake hole.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 027

One of the main advantages over similar pods from other manufacturers is the availability of cartridges on sale.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 028

The set of cartridges also has a protective hologram.

xros 2 pod system overview thumbs 029

A set of cartridges consists of two cartridges and instructions.



  1. Lightweight, compact device.
  2. USB Type-C connector.
  3. Quality charging cable included.
  4. Additional cartridge included.
  5. Quality cartridges that don't leak.
  6. The price of cartridges.
  7. The quality of the device.
  8. Convenient refilling of cartridges.
  9. Convenient cartridge replacement.
  10. Works well in the cold.
  11. Possibility of using alkaline liquids with a ratio of 70 / 30 and 60 / 40.


  1. There is no MTL (cigarette puff) puff, the device is simply not designed for that.
  2. LEDs do not go out after charging is complete.

I repeat once again: despite the fact that in vape shops you will be vaped with a liquid for refueling based on saline nicotine, do not listen to anyone - this device, like most other electronic cigarettes, works perfectly with liquids with a glycerin to propylene glycol ratio of 70/30 and 60 \ 40. Which nicotine is used has nothing to do with the viscosity of the liquid.

Salt nicotine has great side effects, it is also very strong and in 100% of cases you will ever catch an overdose. People with essential hypertension should generally beware of nicotine salt, as it sharply increases blood pressure, which can lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Personally, the device caused two feelings in me - everything seems to be fine, but it cannot replace the tobacco heating system, since there is no cigarette puff and, accordingly, there is no feeling of satiety when smoking.

I made such a case for wearing on the neck for Xros 2.

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